It's a beautiful place, filled with beautiful things, for beautiful people – and it could be you. We all look forward to special occasions like our weddings, prom, balls, cocktail parties, other parties, name it. Finding the perfect gowns or dresses for these occasions can be a challenge sometimes. At times the challenge is finding the perfect dress, but most of the times the challenge is affording that perfect dress. What if there was one place where you wouldn't have to worry about either of those challenges; the perfect dress at the perfect price at one place? JJ's House is such a place. JJ's House has the perfect dresses for all occasions. They are the number one international online retailer for wedding gowns, wedding party dresses, special events dresses, and alternative occasions. Instead of going for window shopping, you could just sit in front of your computer and go through their gallery to find something for you. They also specialize in creating customized dresses for any occasion and deliver it right in front of your doorstep. Let me tell you what you should expect from the website on the off chance you decide to be a passive window shopper or shopper.

The User Interface

If you are male, when the home page of the website finishes loading, you will stop and stare for a moment – or a while – at the beautiful lassies in the lovely gowns. On the other hand, if you are female, you will instantly fall in love with the beautiful gowns on those lovely lassies the moment the homepage finishes loading. It's those gowns that will first get your attention, not even the website itself. In my case, the moment the home page finished loading, for a moment I forgot I was to review it and just scrolled down as I lusted for those lovely gowns. They are just so pretty, well designed, and…it's not about the dresses, it's about the website.

First of all, JJ's House' website is a commercial website. Which means it's an online retailer and you can actually do online shopping. At the top of the homepage of the website is the company's logo. To its left are two options; one for changing the language and the other for changing the currency. There is also a search box immediately after the two options. To the right of the logo there are 'Sign in' and 'Register' links, then next to it is an interactive button for checking the order status of your purchase if you have already made a purchase on the website, and lastly, there is the shopping cart to the far right. Immediately below the logo is the main menu of the website with the various links to the pages that will reveal more beautiful dresses to drool over. Below the main menu is the slideshow that hypnotizes at the first glance. Scroll down a little further and don't be surprised if you can't stop yourself from wanting to scroll further and further down because of the lovely gowns that will be revealed on each scroll of the mouse wheel. As you scroll down, you'll see samples of the various collections of gowns you are likely to get from the company.

Toward the bottom of the home page, there's a brief introduction and description of JJ's House. And right before the footer is a small manual slideshow displaying photos that have been submitted by people. JJ's House is offering a $15 discount for those who submit photos of themselves in their preferred style. Those are the photos on display in the small manual slideshow.

On the main menu of the website are the links to the various collections of gowns for wedding parties, special occasions, and weddings. There is also a link to a page that contains a collection of wedding shoes and shoes for other special occasions. Regardless of the collection you end up exploring, on the left side of the web page there is an aside section that gives you the option to filter the collection according to size, price, gender, color, height, and many more options. I just want you to take note of that section because I believe it will save you a lot of time. The photos used on the website are very clear; it is an online retailer after all.

The general arrangement of the website is neat. Things are obvious and you don't have to think to figure out what's happening. At the bottom of each web page, you'll discover the footer of the web pages. At the bottom right of the footer, you'll notice the different payments methods that are accepted by the company. There's PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, UPS, DHL, and EMS. Furthermore, in the footer of the web page are other important links like Help & Support, Customer Care, and Company Info. Again, you'll find all these in the footer of each web page of the site.


The pages of the website load fairly fast. It is an online retailer, so most of its content are images which may cause the web pages to load a bit slower. Despite that, the pages still load fairly fast. The website is best viewed on a desktop computer because it is not responsive. If view on a device with a small screen, like a tablet or smartphone, you won't have the best user experience.

JJ's House is a beautiful website. It's neat, well organized, easy to navigate, very colorful and addictive. The performance of the website is good. It is a safe website for doing your shopping; it uses HTTPS, which is a secure data transfer protocol. Happy Shopping!