Marketing for Telecommunications Websites

Telecommunications are communication processes which involve the transmitting of information from one point to the other. It’s not necessarily a process which has to go both ways, as the earliest forms of telecommunications involved signal flares, smoke signals and audio messages, like horns and whistles.

It can be argued that there would be no information era without our capacity for fast, accurate telecommunication systems. And we have a few people to thank for that. First off, there’s Nikola Tesla and Guglielmo Marconi who invented and brought great contribution to the radio communication field. Samuel Morse is responsible for the telegraph, an important precursor to the modern telephone system, while Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone itself.

Radios, as we know them today, are the modern versions of what Edwin Armstrong and Lee de Forest came up with in their time. Last, but not least, Philo Farnsworth and John Logie Baird have been attributed the invention of television sets.

Since then, a great and wide variety of telecommunication systems have been invented and put to good use. Among these, the most popular today are microwave transmissions, fiber optics, a number of different communication satellites and, of course, the Internet itself. Each and every one of these technologies are aimed towards one goal – to bring the world together in a much faster way than we’d ever thought possible.

Worldwide economic systems are becoming more and more reliant on telecommunications systems. Transactions, interactions between ordinary people and businesses all rely on keeping in touch, on transferring information and being able to read or simply receive the information on the other end. There have been calculations made to estimate the total amount of information traveling through telecommunications networks throughout the world in a year and the figures are simply stunning – a total of 65 exabytes have been exchanged in 2007. And that’s an optimally compressed figure representing the information exchanged. To put that into perspective, an exabyte means 1 billion gigabytes. That meant, back in 2007, that each and every person on Earth was reading a total of 6 newspapers each day.

The telecommunications industry is one of the world’s biggest, as it is crucial. A total estimate of $4.7 trillion was set for the year of 2012, representing the entire telecommunications field. That was about 2.4% of the entire world’s GDP (gross domestic product).

Here you’ll find several useful and interesting websites which will guide you through the complexly elaborate world of telecommunications, allowing you to get more information about this expansive field and get acquainted with many top sellers, producers and providers of telecommunication products.


  • Apple
    Founded by Steve Jobs, Apple is one of the world's leading telecommunications giant. It offers clients not only state of the art laptops and tablets, but smart phones as well. Applications, information about products and other relevant information can be accessed on the website.

  • Nokia
    Global provider of telecommunication options. Offers a wide selection of products, along with information about new devices in development. Everything from phones, smartphones and applications can be found on the website.

  • Otel International Calling Cards
    A calling card service provider for purchasing prepaid calling minutes. You can select your preferred phone card plan.

  • Samsung
    Global producer and provider of telecommunication devices and applications. Offers information about their newest products, with comprehensive presentations available for each. The company is well known for its smartphones, tablets, smart TVs and other digital and smart accessories.

  • Sony
    Recently, Sony has dipped its toe into the mobile market, coming up with popular products which employ all the standard features of smartphones. Details on the website.

  • TIA
    The Telecommunications Industry Association official website. Sets standards and guidelines for all telecommunications providers across the world.

  • Unlock Ninja
    Providing cell phone unlock codes, mobile phone unlocking and IMEI Codes.