Love Wedding Photos and Film, based in Edinburgh, is a professional photography service specializing in capturing unique moments for couples on their wedding day. Their offerings range from engagement photography to wedding photography, including the provision of wedding albums. They also have an extensive library of wedding photo examples and ideas that depict real-life couples. Additionally, this service extends to family photography, providing versatility for clients with numerous photographic requirements.

The service is spearheaded by Claire and Jonathon Fowler, a couple whose expertise lies in candidly detailing love stories in a genuine and engaging manner. Their approach towards photography prioritizes authenticity, aiming to depict those heartfelt moments as they naturally unfold. The Fowlers' photography style stands out for its spontaneity and genuineness, aiming to portray the distinctive spirit of the special day.

The company's website is user-friendly and comprehensive, providing easy navigation for visitors. It has a dedicated 'Client Area' that features a gallery login for clients to view their photos. One of the unique components of their service is the fact that clients can select their own title for their wedding album, contributing to the personalization of the overall experience.

Their website also houses a 'Wedding Blog', offering prospective clients and enthusiasts an array of articles related to wedding photography. This could serve as a handy tool for couples seeking advice or inspiration for their own wedding. It is also interesting to note that they have a list of questions that one could consider asking a wedding photographer. Adding to their credibility, Love Wedding Photos And Film has received numerous awards, serving as a testament to their quality of service.

In addition to photography services, they provide videography as well, covering an extensive range of needs for their clients. Transparency is evident in their approach; their photography and videography prices are clearly listed on the website. Furthermore, they offer combined photography and video packages to deliver a comprehensive documentation of the wedding day.

What sets Love Wedding Photos and Film apart is the promise they make to their clients undertaking not just to capture stunning photographs, but also to create an enjoyable, unforgettable experience. The scope of their service extends beyond the capital city and includes other popular wedding venues in Scotland. This demonstrates their flexibility and dedication in sharing the journey of couples planning their wedding, and more importantly, capturing their 'once-in-a-lifetime' moments.

In conclusion, Love Wedding Photos and Film position themselves in the busy wedding photography industry as a credible and versatile choice for couples seeking to etch their special day in timeless, authentic imagery. Their dedication to capturing genuine moments and creating enjoyable experiences is manifest in their service provision, making them a standout choice for many couples in Edinburgh and beyond.

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Love Wedding Photos And Film
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Phone: 07817517604