Peter Youngs is a natural world photographer who specializes in bird photography, other wildlife, and landscapes. With a keen interest in the natural world, he offers a variety of stunning prints available for purchase on his online platform. The website offers free shipping on all orders ₤50 or more, making it an accessible way to acquire high-quality photography.

The photographic products range from greeting cards to larger prints and cover a diverse range of subjects. The images of British birds highlight Peter Youngs's special interest and expertise in bird photography. Additionally, he brings his love for the outdoors alive through his landscape images, offering views from Shropshire and its surrounds, the Lake District, and even images from around the world. These include breathtaking landscapes of mountains, making it an exciting option for individuals looking for unique nature-themed decorations.

For those interested in learning the art of photography, Peter Youngs also extends his expertise in a practical sense, offering outdoor photography tuition. This is an opportunity for individuals to engage with the craft of photography. This experience allows them to look through the lens, interact with the outdoor environment, and learn from a seasoned professional.

A trained earth scientist, Peter Youngs spent 44 years in the field of earth sciences before fully dedicating himself to natural world photography. Therefore, he brings not just technical expertise, but also a deep understanding of the natural world to his work, which is evident in the quality and depth of his photography.

Peter Youngs's commitment to quality is also reflected in the testimonials from satisfied customers, which are available on the website for potential patrons to review. This assurance of quality, coupled with the vibrant and beautiful prints of the natural world, does indeed make Peter Youngs's website a one-stop solution for wildlife and landscape photography enthusiasts. His twenty years of experience and commitment to capturing the natural world's beauty make this platform an excellent choice for anyone interested in purchasing nature-themed images.

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Peter Youngs Photography
The Mill House Manor Court, Bishop's Offley, ,
Stafford ,
ST21 6ET
United Kingdom

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Phone: 07818 400784