Nathan is a Nottingham-based wedding photographer providing fun, relaxed, and natural wedding photography services to couples in Nottinghamshire and the East Midlands. He specializes in informal photography for weddings and aims to create an atmosphere of relaxation and enjoyment where couples can enjoy their day without feeling like they are taking part in a photo shoot. With an emphasis on capturing authentic, unposed moments, Nathan ensures that the photography aspect of the wedding is stress-free and enjoyable.

Several testimonials highlight the successful enactment of Nathan's approach. Customers laud his ability to create a comfortable environment which allows him to truly capture the happiness of the couple and their guests. These testimonials suggest that, as a wedding photographer, he successfully blends into the scenery, causing the parties involved to forget that they're being photographed. Through this, he effectively captures invaluable moments that encapsulate a lifetime of memories. Consequently, he comes highly recommended by previous clients not only for his relaxed, non-staged photo shoots, but also for his friendly, down-to-earth demeanor.

Furthermore, Nathan's portfolio reflects his refreshingly informal approach to wedding photography. From these images, one can see that he is able to encapsulate the essence of the event while keeping the mood light and enjoyable for all parties involved. By capturing these intimate, natural moments, he provides lasting memories for the couples he works with.

To sum up, Nathan is a wedding photographer in Nottingham who provides natural, fun, and informal wedding photography. He is recognized for his ability to create a relaxing atmosphere without compromising the quality of moments captured. His approach to wedding photography, according to testimonials, sets him apart in his field, making him a favorite choice for enjoyable and stress-free wedding photography in Nottingham and the East Midlands. His down-to-earth nature and genuine desire to treat his clients as friends add to his appeal, making him an excellent choice for couples seeking quality photography service for their weddings.

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Nathan Walker Photography
10 Radburn Court,
United Kingdom

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Phone: 07789797161