Complete Aquatics, also known as the Aquatic Superstore, provides a variety of products to support and enhance aquatic environments. Please note, to allow the smooth function of their website, they require that customers have cookies enabled and JavaScript active in their browsers.

The company caters to a wide range of freshwater needs. Customers can find a comprehensive collection of freshwater equipment that includes aquarium tanks and cabinets. Under this category, they offer aquarium kits that can accommodate up to 120L. They also hold a variety of brands such as Aquael Aquariums, Clearseal Aquariums, Aqua One Aquariums, Aquatlantis Aquariums, Biorb, Reef One Tanks, Ciano Aquariums, D-D Aquascaper, D-D Aqua-Pro Aquariums, Eheim Aquariums, Fluval Aquariums, Interpet Aquariums, Juwel Aquariums, Marina Aquariums, and Oase Aquariums. Further, they also provide tank spares for customers requiring parts replacement.

Complete Aquatics also embraces the art of aquascaping. To give your aquariums a natural yet aesthetically pleasing touch, they have aquascaping tanks, plant lighting, hardscape accessories and equipment, plant substrate, plant nutrition, live plants, and plant CO2 equipment.

The company values the importance of good nutrition and feeding habits for aquatic life. Therefore, they give access to a range of aquarium food and feeding products. These include holiday food, indoor cold water foods, and tropical fish food. Feeding accessories are also available to provide productive and appropriate feeding of aquatic life.

Under the brand Biorb they offer decoration equipment, tanks and stands, filter kits and cleaning sections, and Biorb Air Terrariums. It is a one-stop-shop for all the needs related to Biorb brand aquariums.

Ensuring the safety and health of the fish is a primary concern for Complete Aquatics. Because of this, they have aquarium additives and treatment supplies such as water dechlorinators, plant nutrition, algae treatments, and general medicinal treatments. They also provide bacterial additives and buffers and pH control products.

To keep up with the water quality of the aquarium, Complete Aquatics offers aquarium water testing products. Achieving the right balance in water chemistry is critical to maintaining a thriving aquatic environment.

Overall, Complete Aquatics is a comprehensive resource for aquarists, providing necessary supplies and additional choices for everyone from beginner hobbyists to experienced enthusiasts.

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Complete Aquatics
Unit 5, Laneside Works, Stockclough Lane,
United Kingdom

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Phone: 01254 208245