Leisure & Travel web directory: 11 resources.

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  • MYTEE Products
    An online store carrying a wide variety of tarps, bungees, straps, edge protectors, chains and boomers for flatbed trucking and trailers. They stock 1000s of tarps in hundreds of size and color combinations for steel and lumbar trucking.

  • Retirement Living TV
    An online video lifestyle guide, jam-packed with useful information on property, holidays, leisure and food for retirees.

  • All Hotels
    Online compendium of worldwide hotels. Users can perform searches based on location, check-in dates and check-out dates, as well as number of people staying at the hotels. Available rooms will be displayed with links towards the hotel websites.

  • Boats For Sale Worldwide
    A worldwide supplier of all kinds of nautical machines. The company offers a vast collection of boat categories including power boats, yachts, fishing boats, wooden boats and more.

  • Magical Kenya
    Website dedicated to providing information for those interested in traveling and visiting Kenya. Offers a lot of articles and resources for interested perspective tourists.

  • Planeta
    Online resource dedicated to smart travel. People can share eco-friendly, people-friendly and destination-friendly locations and experiences from their travels. Some social media integration is available on the website as well.

  • The Islands Of The Bahamas
    Resource for people interested in the Bahamas. Contains information about the islands, popular tourist attractions on each one of them and leisure options. Interactive maps point out points of interest on different islands.

  • Tourism in Malaysia
    Website dedicated to promoting tourism in Malaysia. It includes an interactive first page which underlines a few important aspects for people willing to travel and spend their vacation there.

  • Travel Terminal
    Website dedicated to helping users find cheap flights and affordable accommodation options. It lets you compare prices and frequent flyer programs in the US.

  • Trip Advisor
    Popular and sought-after resource for those looking for reviews of certain travel destinations, hotels, flights and vacation rentals. Users can sign up and post their own impressions from their vacations and rate the places they visited.

  • UMT International: Boat Davits Companies
    A manufacturer based in Florida that specializes in custom aluminum fabrication, stainless steel fabrication, boarding equipment, yacht cranes, and davits. The produce these and other luxury yacht accessories.

Leisure & Travel Web Directory

Leisure & Travel are important recreational pursuits. Travel fits within the category of Leisure, and Leisure will include Travel as one of its possible elements. A web directory search will bring out many listings for both areas of recreation. The industry is huge and growing.

Leisure usually refers to non-working time, or free time that is available for conducting non-work activities such as travel, sports, or even just quiet times playing games, or lying on a hammock by the beach. Leisure is important to a balanced and healthy life, and it is a great time to spend with family, having fun together. Leisure time is discretionary time that can be used for any purpose. With modern developments and improvements in technology, most workers have far more leisure time than their ancestors ever had. Filling leisure time is fun, but can require some thoughtfulness also, or all the time will be spent napping on the sofa.

Travel is one area of leisure pursuits that many people find very enjoyable, and educational. Using their leisure time, people travel by land, sea, or air to near or far away places to see new sights and experience new and different adventures than they would find at home. The travel industry is a very important and large industry, with transportation, lodging, amusements, clothing, accessories, restaurants, and service industries as sub-sets of the general travel industry.

You just finished working, you are off for two weeks and you want to find the best destination for you and your family? The Internet is a very good and reliable source of information when it comes to finding offers which include travel or doing certain leisure activities. If traveling around the world is what you've always wanted to do, the best way to start is to get informed about the countries you will visit: attraction points, capital cities, currency and not least details regarding the accommodation because it is good to be prepared. Web directories can provide you with the right information if you search for it in the category dedicated to travel & holidays.

Talking about leisure, basically any activity that allows people to release the stress and enjoy their spare time is part of the leisure activities. Some people prefer to read or play computer games, others prefer to watch the TV while other people simply love to just take a stroll in the park during a nice summer day. In addition to this, those who choose to spend their time traveling usually group in two categories: tourists who love to travel, meet more people, learn about cultures & civilizations and visit tourist attraction points and the second one including those tourists who simply like to travel to the seaside for entertainment purposes only.

To sum up, everybody should pay attention when it`s time for travel and leisure activities especially those who work under stress conditions and need to relax from time to time. If you still haven`t decided what to do with your free time, check the Internet offers and choose the one that suits you best!

Leisure time can be spent traveling, enjoying entertainment activities, sports, socializing, going to movies, watching television, or learning new things such as how to play the piano. It can also be used for community service, which combines work with leisure, and also some travel. Leisure & Travel are a boon to online shopping and E-commerce, which benefit from the billions of dollars spent for these activities.