A sultry range of handcrafted high fashion jewelry and accessories with a strong italian fashion foward aesthetic impact. Created by designer Alessia Flavia Vitale "Finerblack" is a high fashion collection of statement jewelry for both ladies & gentlemen. The collection includes: necklaces, chokers, elegant collars, earrings, bracelets, belts, bags varnished flowers, body chains. Inspired by dark and sensual gothic elements, bohemian flowers and timeless vintage romantic echoes, each creation has an original and unique eye-catching appeal, giving life to any outfit and look with its versatile use. The usage of heavy chains often combined with flowers and ropes are our unique signature. Creative - Edgy - Eclectic - Stylish ... Jewelry and accessories at the cutting edge of fashion, to live, play with and shine. Each piece is made of exquisitely unique high-end Made in Italy and german crafted materials for outstanding quality.

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Finerblack / Alessia Vitale
berliner str 21,

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Phone: 015731969673