This specific website is designed in such a way that it necessitates the activation of Javascript for full functioning and accessibility. In the contemporary digital realm, this may pose a few challenges for some users, as not everyone might have Javascript enabled on their devices.

The website's specifying that Javascript must be 'enabled' for the site to operate efficiently indicates that it relies heavily on Javascript. This dependency may be due to the utilization of dynamic content or interactive features within the site, often used to enhance the user experience. From a developer's perspective, the choice to construct a website reliant on Javascript grants that it can incorporate complex functionalities, leading to a more robust and interactive web offering.

However, it is important to note that this reliance could potentially alienate a subset of users. Although most modern web browsers do support Javascript, there might be instances where it remains disabled. Some users may have intentionally disabled Javascript due to security or privacy reasons, while others might have outdated hardware or software that does not support Javascript. Consequently, the accessibility of the website is put in jeopardy, limiting the potential audience and reducing the ease of usability for those unable to enable Javascript.

This feature of the website necessitating Javascript may also impact how smoothly it runs. If Javascript is efficiently coded, the user can expect a seamless experience, with faster page response and dynamic content updates. However, any inefficiencies in the code may lead to slowdowns, crashing, or freezing, resulting in an unfavorable user experience.

Furthermore, there are potential implications for website accessibility from an SEO standpoint. Since search engines have variable abilities when it comes to crawling and indexing Javascript-dependent content, the website's visibility might be compromised, hence affecting its online ranking.

In conclusion, while the decision to make a website reliant on Javascript can offer enhanced functionalities and an interactive user experience, it does come with its potential drawbacks. These range from potential inaccessibility for some users to possible SEO challenges, thereby affecting its universal usability. A fine balance needs to be achieved for optimal performance: an interactive user experience enabled by Javascript, but not dependent on it to the point that accessibility is significantly hindered.

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