Green Home Systems is a specialized company offering a range of services aimed at creating eco-friendly homes. Some of their most notable offerings include Solar PV and Battery Storage, Property Insulation, and Heating Systems. They also offer a variety of insulation options which encompass loft, cavity wall, underfloor, internal wall, external wall, and room-in-roof insulation. In addition, Green Home Systems provides Air Source Heat Pumps, Hybrid Air Source Heat Pumps, and EV Charging solutions.

Further services include Energy Assessments and Traditional Heating options. They offer gas boilers, SMART heating controls and electric storage heaters. Their notable initiatives include the ECO4 Scheme which involves grants for home insulation and heating. This scheme is applicable to landlords, privately rented properties, and social housing.

Green Home Systems is also known for their ECO4 grant funding. Customers can apply for this to possibly secure significant savings on installation costs. The Arran ECO4 project and The Cumbrae ECO4 are just two examples of initiatives that have been made possible through this funding.

The company proudly displays their achievements, such as their 2023 Energy Efficiency Award. They also stress their commitment to helping customers reduce their utility bills by providing solutions that improve the energy efficiency of homes.

Green Home Systems provides clear information on the availability of different types of grant funding for their services. They mention that not all grants are means-tested, enabling a wider audience to potentially benefit from funding assistance.

Their services are available through a contact number provided on their website, creating a direct line for potential customers to reach out, get advice, and obtain quotes for various installations.

Overall, Green Home Systems presents a wide range of services for customers looking to increase the energy efficiency of their homes, reduce utility bills, and contribute to a greener future. Their commitment to providing expert advice on available grant funding sets them apart, making them a viable option for those keen on green initiatives.

Business address

Green Home Systems
7 Ailsa Road,
KA12 8LL
United Kingdom

Contact details

Phone: 0800 783 3373