Magniflex, a highly regarded Italian mattress store located in Dubai, promises to bring the comfort of sleep to a new level. With its impending opening at the Art of Living Mall and an entirely new collection now available, the excitement is palpable for loyal customers and new visitors alike. Amidst the recent global health concerns, the Magniflex team has made it their priority to ensure strict adherence to government health and safety guidelines. Not only is their prime focus on providing exemplary customer service, but they also prioritize hygiene and sanitization from their showroom to the delivery process.

The Magniflex showroom boasts a remarkable 4.8 out of 5 Google rating. This consistently high rating reflects the quality service they provide to their customers. They offer free delivery on their products, alleviating any additional expenditure for customers. Customer service is another aspect in which they excel, being accessible and receptive to clients' queries and concerns.

Providing a fantastic selection of mattresses, Magniflex caters to a range of comfort preferences. Their MagniProtect mattress is one with a medium firm comfort level and a height of 21 cm, showcasing their attention to crafting unique offerings for varied requirements. This mattress, similar to others in their catalog, comes with a ten-year warranty, reflecting Magniflex's commitment to durability and quality in their products. The appliance is priced at 2400 AED.

Then there is the Classico collection, presenting itself as a firm comfort mattress with a height of 23 cm. This particular mattress line emphasises durability and assurance with a similar ten-year warranty, available for 2560 AED.

The MagniCool mattress, on the other hand, offers a soft comfort level and a height of 25 cm while also providing the same ten-year warranty. This product encapsulates Magniflex's dedication to producing a wide array of mattresses suitable for different customers, as indicated by its varied offerings in comfort levels and height variations.

In conclusion, the Magniflex mattress store in Dubai is expanding on its already impressive services and collection. Its adherence to strict health guidelines ensures the safety of its customers and staff. The vast selection of exceptional mattresses, varying in comfort and height, and backed by a ten-year warranty, reinforce Magniflex's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. The MagniProtect, Classico, and MagniCool collections help illustrate their mission to cater to multiple preferences. Therefore, Magniflex maintains a balance between various factors, distinguishing itself among its industry peers.

Business address

Magniflex Showroom (Neo Living) G19A – Ground Floor, Mazaya Centre Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai,
United Arab Emirates

Contact details

Phone: +971 4 343 7577