NBS Modern Furniture offers an array of products for different areas of the home. The website is neatly organized into categories, making it easy for customers to find what they're looking for.

NBS Modern Furniture's product range is extensive. They offer everything from bar and dining furniture to bathroom and kitchen fixtures. Bar and dining options include stools, tables, benches and full dining sets. In the bathroom section, the customers can find a variety of vanities, sinks, and accessories. The variety of bath vanities is particularly impressive, as sizes range from 20 to 84, and styles include everything from contemporary to traditional.

In addition, the company offers a large selection of bathroom accessories such as exhaust fans, cabinets, mirrors, and shower enclosures. One prominent feature of their bathroom range is the inclusion of unique mirrors and smart mirrors, which are increasingly becoming popular in modern homes.

For the kitchen, NBS Modern Furniture provides an assortment of sinks, faucets and various kitchen accessories. From glass to pedestal sinks, there is something to suit every style and preference.

Interestingly, NBS Modern Furniture doesn't limit itself to dining and bathroom furniture and fixtures. They also offer a selection of bedroom furniture. Customers can choose from products such as bed frames, bedroom sets, book shelves, sideboards, buffets, TV stands, and vanity tables.

Moreover, the website features a sale section where customers can find products discounted up to 50%. They also offer promotional codes for up to 20% discount. The company is committed to providing quality interior design furnishings at affordable pricing. For queries, they can be contacted at the phone number listed on the website.

Overall, NBS Modern Furniture appeals to a broad audience with diverse home furnishing needs, offering a comprehensive selection of products to choose from.

Business address

New Bathroom Style Inc.
1973 65th Street,
New York (NY)
United States

Contact details

Phone: 718-412-3675
Fax: 866-664-4394