Hot Tub Barn is a wellness specialist business with a focus on products related to water relaxation and therapy. It operates numerous showrooms in several locations including Ashford, Bicester, Cambridge, Chelmsford, Farnham, Nantwich, Sevenoaks, and Wickford/Southend, making its products widely accessible to customers. The company specializes in different types of hot tubs classified by their collection, number of people they can accommodate, and the size of the hot tubs.

For customers looking for a specific type of hot tub, Hot Tub Barn has a variety of series available such as Tranquility Series, Infinity Series, and Starlight Platinum Collection. These series come in different forms and features, catering to various user preferences. Moreover, the business also sells commercial hot tubs, which can be a suitable choice for businesses and commercial spaces to enhance their wellness offerings.

The variety of person capacity is another highlight of their service delivery. The capacity ranges from 3-person hot tubs to 8-person hot tubs, providing choices for consumers depending on their usage patterns, whether it's personal use or for a family or a group of friends.

In terms of size, Hot Tub Barn offers a spectrum from small to large hot tubs. This allows customers with different space availability to choose what suits their homes best.

The company also offers swim spas that include combination pools and doggy swim facilities. These products extend the range of water-based wellness solutions, thus accommodating a wider range of customers' needs.

In addition to hot tubs and swim spas, Hot Tub Barn has an impressive inventory of accessories. This includes Hot Tub Accessories, Hot Tub Chemicals, filters, fragrances, water care, and maintenance products that can maximize the potential usage of the hot tubs and maintain their longevity.

Hot Tub Barn appears to be a comprehensive provider of hot tub related products and services. Its vast product lineup, classification according to personal preferences, and array of related accessories make the company a convenient one-stop-shop solution for those seeking to invest in hot tubs or similar products for wellness. Whether for personal use or commercial implementation, Hot Tub Barn's diverse range of offerings and multiple showroom locations can be a suitable choice amongst potential buyers.

Business address

Hot Tub Barn
41 Robjohns Road,
United Kingdom

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Phone: 01245265036