In 2017, RainVac celebrated its 25th year in business as a provider of Rainbow Vacuum units, parts, services and technical support. The key to the company's continued success lies in its strong desire to provide the best customer service for all Rexair products.

To be able to provide that service, RainVac, a subsidiary of Vertex Worldwide, Inc, knows that its most rewarding investment is that in its employees.

To that end, all employees undergo monthly training that encompasses every type of Rainbow model. From the oldest machines that date back to the 1930s through the most current production.

Rainbow customers are passionate about their product; they expect suppliers and engineers to own that same duty of care!

In itself, such a high level of training is a huge undertaking. To remain at the forefront of their industry is, therefore, no easy feat. But Rainbow built their models to last. Through conscientious service centers like RainVac, Rexair knows that even its oldest models may never become obsolete.

That said, the OEM has continued to improve its range over the decades. Not only has Rexair deployed innovative systems in its vacuums with each generation, but it's also redefined the perception of what a vacuum cleaner is.

With a Rainbow vacuum, we no longer expect our cleaner to just get the dirt out of our carpets. We want our whole house smelling fresh, too! With its range of perfumes that go into the water pan whilst working, that happens. Moreover, they leave the air ionized, free from allergens and airborne particles that irritate asthma.

RainVac caters for all of these eventualities, stocking spare parts and accessories from Rexair direct while placing weekly orders to always have items on hand. Doing so supports the core ethos: customer service.

Each complete unit is a considered purchase, so owners understandably want to retain the integrity of their machine. It is important that customers know they're getting genuine parts and accessories for their Rainbow vacuum.

Through RainVac, owners can rest assured, knowing that they're buying genuine Rexair parts. They can also expect their repair or service engineer to be a trained professional who knows their model – no matter how old – inside out.

RainVac also boasts one of the most customer-friendly online experiences in the industry, too. Their in-depth website is easy to navigate.

It offers an FAQ and access to manuals and schematics.

Customers can 'quick order' with their online shopping cart or create an account. They can track the status of their order.

All orders over $100 RainVac will ship free to the lower 48 states. If customers are from further afield, RainVac can ship international (charged), too. Everything comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Whether it's a manual or a pack of perfume, a nozzle or a repair/service (with free national pick-up) or a completely new main unit, RainVac can accommodate that need. As an Authorized Parts and Service Company for Rexair, they are the Rainbow Vacuum Specialists.

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920 W. Washington St. Ste. 107,
United States

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Phone: +1 301 791 9669