RainVac is a Rexair Factory Authorized Rainbow Vacuum Distributor. The company provides a wide array of Rainbow vacuum models and is well-known for its nationwide pick-up repair service for Rainbow vacuums. Furthermore, RainVac also offers parts for various models of Rainbow vacuums and an extensive selection of accessories or attachments.

The line of Rainbow vacuums offered by RainVac includes a variety of different models, encompassing the E2 Type 12 Series, the E-2 e SERIES, and numerous versions of the D series. The E2 Type 12 Series models include the Black, Silver, Gold, and the Rainbow RHCS19 SRX. The E-2 e SERIES, on the other hand, features the D4C and D3C models, alongside its special edition and several others. The D series comprises the D4C, D3C/D3A, D2A/D2 models, amongst other versions.

RainVac also provides different Power Nozzle options for these models, such as PN-3 for the SRX series, the PN-12 for the Black Series, and PN-2E for both the Silver and Gold Series. In terms of the main units, there are several options available for customers such as the SRX Series Main Unit, Black Series Main Unit, and Silver Series Main Unit.

In addition to the main units and Power Nozzles, RainVac also supplies AquaMate units, such as AquaMate I for the e SERIES, SE for the D4C, and one specifically for the D4 model. RainbowMate units are also available, including the RM-12 for the SRX series, and RM-2E for the Gold and e SERIES.

Besides selling vacuums, RainVac has a selection of attachments and accessories for Rainbow vacuums. These vary from AquaMate wands and attachments to hoses and dollies. The Water Pans accessory is also available.

RainVac's offerings extend beyond products into services. The company provides a Nationwide Pick-Up Rainbow Vacuum Repair Service, which can be very convenient for customers who face issues with their Rainbow Vacuum units.

Verdict: RainVac is a comprehensive provider of Rainbow vacuum units, parts, and repair services. With its extensive selection of models, accessories, and offerings, it serves as a one-stop-shop for customers interested in Rainbow vacuums.

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