This monumental outdoor furniture company is the leading competition in the industry.

They produce a wide variety of products such as kids playground equipment, park benches, picnic tables, water slides, and many more. Web Coat greatly values durability and performance, implementing high quality steel designs and thermo-plastic coatings, giving the equipment extreme protection from years of daily sunlight exposure.

The great thing about this company is that they have representatives waiting to answer customer questions and help them decide their best options, and they do great business with many schools, restaurants. and other businesses.

Along with manufacturing just about every piece of outdoor furniture imaginable, Web Coat also produces other materials such as commercial umbrellas, turf, and outdoor shelters, such as pavilions.

The website is extremely helpful to anyone searching for furniture, and potential customers can easily view images, talk with a rep, and create their very own outdoor dream in the click of a button. Web Coat was founded in 2011.

Business address

Webcoat Inc.
1050 Columbia Dr.,
United States

Contact details

Phone: (855) 361-4758