Construction Supplies, established in 1979, is a longstanding supplier for a myriad of construction and home improvement needs. The company offers a comprehensive range of products divided into multiple categories, designed to cater to a wide audience, from professional builders to do-it-yourself homeowners.

The company's offerings are varied and extensive. One of their key categories is hinges, which includes internal door hinges, fire door hinges, window hinges, and various specialized hinges such as hook and band hinges, tee hinges, decorative hinges, adjustable hinges, and more. This category highlights the breadth of their stock, ensuring customers can find the precise hinge type required for their task.

Equally well-stocked is their locks and latches category. Here, customers can find everything from cylinders and multipoint locks to sashlocks and deadlocks, as well as specific items like digital door locks and nightlatches. For those needing more specialized items for securing doors and windows, Construction Supplies also provides padlocks, rim locks, and radar locks.

Among other product categories, they supply a range of door hardware, including different style door handles and knobs, door stops, and accompanying accessories. More specialized items in this large category include door closers, panic hardware, front door hardware, and bathroom turn and release mechanisms.

General hardware and electrical fittings are also part of Construction Supplies' inventory, with a wide variety of options from handrail brackets to curtain rail fittings, and from cubicle fittings to bathroom fittings. The company didn't forget about homeowners, adding a dedicated category for homeware, with items such as worktop fittings and shed and gate hardware.

As part of their focus on overall building supplies, Construction Supplies also offers products that help secure the parts of a building or home against the elements. This includes door thresholds, joinery seals, rain deflectors, glazing tapes and draught proofing materials. The company also offers roofing systems and related products, such as Exitex roofing system and Capex products.

For those needing solutions for cabinets, the company provides a dedicated category that includes cabinet knobs, pull handles, drop handles, and hinges. Also, for those looking to install or maintain windows, construction supplies offers casement stays and fasteners, window espag bolts, sash window hardware, window security hardware, and trickle ventilation.

Verdict: Construction Supplies has a well-rounded inventory, offering a vast range of construction products, from specialized hardware to general construction needs. Whether for professional builders or home improvement enthusiasts, this company has every need covered, a one-stop-shop for all construction needs. Their extensive years in business stands a testament to their reliability and authority within the construction market. Customer service is also available to assist with inquiries, further solidifying Construction Supplies as a trusted and efficient resource. The website is organized for easy navigation, allowing customers to seamlessly find and purchase what they require from their extensive product list. This reliable and easy online shopping experience compliments the extensive product range, making Construction Supplies a noteworthy prospect for anyone in need of construction supplies.

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Construction Supplies Hardware Ltd.
6a Horninglow Street,
Burton upon Trent,
DE14 1NG
United Kingdom

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Phone: 01283 743277