Cowhide Rugs By London Cows is a business specializing in cowhide rugs and related products. The website hosts a vast range of cowhide rugs including stone and oyster cowhides, tricolour cowhides, brown and white cowhides, black and white cowhides, and more. They also offer 'reddish' black and white cowhides along with white and grey cowhides, indicating a considerable selection for the customers to choose from.

Moreover, Cowhide Rugs By London Cows extends its product line beyond traditional cowhide rugs. They classify their cowhides into varying qualities such as brindle cowhides, pale cowhides, speckled cowhides, single colour cowhides, amongst others. Notably, there is an aspect of creativity present in how they accommodate customer needs via its unique range of zebra print cowhides, metallic cowhides, and patchwork rugs.

The business additionally engages in the selling of Berber rugs in various sizes, from small to extra-large. It showcases another type of product in the form of its sheepskin range. This includes shearling sheepskins, single sheepskins, double sheepskins, along with others. Alongside, the business also deals in sheepskin furniture and cushions.

Moving further into furniture, Cowhide Rugs By London Cows has a selection of cowhide dining chairs, bar stools, armchairs, and cowhide cubes. They also offer a range of sheepskin stools, wool pet beds, and reindeer furniture. For customers looking for outdoor options, the business hosts a collection of garden furniture.

The fashion section of their product catalog includes sheepskin gloves, sheepskin earmuffs, men's sheepskin gloves, and cowhide purses and bags. A popular item in this section seems to be the shearling gilet, a summer fashion item. They also offer teddy coats, adding to their overall product diversity.

In review, Cowhide Rugs By London Cows provides a broad spectrum of products centred around cowhide and sheepskin. From rugs to furniture, and even a dash of fashion, the business presents a prolific selection tailored towards diverse customer needs. Customers can explore a range of products and styles, whether it be a specific cowhide or a unique sheepskin good. The company's website is inherently designed to provide a smooth shopping experience, supporting customer transactions and inquiries effectively.

Business address

London Cows Limited
127 New King's Road,
United Kingdom

Contact details

Phone: 02070996616
Fax: 2070996616