Fontana Forni USA is a business that specializes in the sale of pizza ovens. They offer a wide range of oven types, including outdoor ovens, wood-fired pizza ovens, new hybrid/gas pizza ovens, countertop pizza ovens, and commercial pizza ovens. In addition to selling ovens, Fontana Forni USA also sells accessories for pizza making, such as accessory kits, carts and desks, Saputo pizza stones among others.

The business provides free shipping on any oven order within the continental U.S., indicating their commitment to customer convenience. They feature a comprehensive website where customers can compare different models of ovens, and full information on various aspects of the products, demonstrating their dedication to helping clients make informed purchasing decisions. They have incorporated an instructional video section and a frequently asked questions segment on their website, making it easy for clients to access vital product information and operations guidance.

Alongside the sale of equipment, Fontana Forni USA also offers a variety of recipe ideas, evidencing their commitment to enhance their customers' pizza making experience. They cover recipes on different categories including pizza, meats, vegetables, pastas, breads, and desserts. They further incorporate a blog titled 'Flame and Flavor' to give customers a better understanding of their products and their use.

In terms of customer service, the company provides a contact number, encouraging direct communication with potential buyers. They offer an array of accessories specific to the pizza making process, such as a premium single chamber oven cover, total deluxe accessory kit, oven shelf, and an infrared thermometer. Fontana Forni USA also equips customers with manuals, supporting the proper use and maintenance of their ovens.

For clients looking for a dealer closer to their location, Fontana Forni USA provides a dealer locator feature on their website. From the product range, customer service, and additional resources they offer, Fontana Forni USA is committed to delivering a comprehensive pizza making solution. While it isn't possible to attest to the quality of the products without using them, Fontana Forni USA demonstrates a commitment to customer satisfaction through provision of a variety of resources. They are a potential consideration for any pizza oven needs.

Business address

Fontana Forni USA
1512 Poinsett Drive,
United States

Contact details

Phone: (843) 667-9101