phs Greenleaf is a prominent business in the horticultural sector, offering a broad spectrum of services, including the supply of indoor and outdoor plants and festive decorations. They have built their reputation on ensuring client satisfaction by providing a diverse array of offerings that cater to various business requirements.

One of the significant features of phs Greenleaf's service is their indoor interior landscaping. The company specializes in this area by providing a range of solutions from large corporate plants to office plants. Whether it is for a large corporation or a small office, phs Greenleaf has established itself by furnishing high-quality plants appropriate for various indoor spaces.

In addition, the company also offers outdoor plants to beautify exterior spaces. From large outdoor plants to seasonal hanging baskets, phs Greenleaf has a variety of options for clients to choose from. They also provide lawn care and maintenance to ensure that green spaces always look appealing. The inclusion of invasive plant removal and gritting services reflects the company's commitment to offering comprehensive outdoor plant and grounds maintenance solutions.

phs Greenleaf extends its services to walls as well, with indoor and outdoor living walls being part of their portfolio. These vertical gardens are a testament to the company's versatility and ability to transform any space into a green paradise. Along with living walls, they also offer moss walls - a unique addition to their array of offerings.

Beyond plants and landscaping, phs Greenleaf extends its offerings to the festive season. Their Christmas supplies range from Christmas tree hire to luxury range Christmas desktop accessories, bespoke displays, and Christmas lighting. Providing these services shows the versatility of this company, extending its services well beyond plants and into comprehensive festive solutions.

The user experience is also enhanced by the functionality of their website. The company utilizes necessary cookies for functions such as security, e-commerce, and account management. They also utilize analytics services from Google and Microsoft to collect anonymous information about how people use their website. This suggests a commitment to continuously improve services based on user feedback and usage patterns.

phs Greenleaf's extensive range of services combined with their attention to customer preferences position them well within their industry. From landscaping to festive supplies, indoor to outdoor, small to large-scale needs, the company strives to cater to a diverse range of business requirements with quality and proficiency.

Business address

PHS Greenleaf
Block B, Western Industrial Estate,
Caerphilly ,
CF83 1XH
United Kingdom

Contact details

Phone: 08000902325