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    Retailer of super foods, herbal remedies and natural medicines.

    Providing health nutrition supplements, vitamins, minerals, herbs, for many or all health conditions concerning mens health, women's health, children, and pets.

  • Clinic Vitamins
    Sells American made vitamins and other supplements. They claim their products are "carry evidence-based and clincally-tested".

Supplements Web Directory

Dietary supplements normally provide nutrients that may not be consumed in sufficient quantities. They could be minerals, vitamins, fibre, amino acids or fatty acids. They usually come in form of pills, tablets, capsules or even in liquid form. They are essential for people suffering from deficiencies and play an important role in ensuring a balanced nutrient consumption. This part of our shopping directory contains different types of supplements from a collection of websites.

There are more than 50,000 dietary supplements which play different roles in the human body. Weight loss supplements for instance are used to assist the body burn fat when one is on diet. They can be in form of injection or drops. Injections help burn fat while at the same time protecting lean muscles. Body building supplements such as testosterone boosters help trigger the development of muscles to achieve a masculine body. Most bodybuilders supplement their diets with powdered protein supplements which are mixed with water, milk or juice. Performance supplements improve athletic performance by cutting down weight and improving muscle activity to increase agility. 

Herbal supplements work differently from mineral or vitamin supplements since they reconsidered to have medicinal value. They are the oldest human care tools which form the basis of modern medicines. Most people taking herbal supplements use them for healing purposes rather than for developing the body.

Fraudulent supplements can lead to serious injury or even death. Such products are masqueraded as genuine supplements but they are not legitimate. They could contain totally different ingredients and hence causing several negative effects when consumed. While Google does not differentiate between legit and illegitimate sites, the idea of a shopping web directory that only list down genuine websites comes in handy. We take our websites through a thorough vetting process to ensure that they offer genuine products. Clients can therefore shop for supplements without being afraid of worsening their heath conditions.