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Close to 85 per cent of health issues can be avoided by practicing a healthy diet. A nutritious diet gives several health benefits to keep you physically and mentally well. This means developing a culture of eating a diet balanced with carbs, proteins and fats. The number of daily calories of each meal should be determined by your body weight targets and your stage of development. People trying to lose weight should therefore consume fewer calories per day compared to other people.

With people all over the world seeking for reliable nutrition solutions, there is need for a shopping directory where people can meet all their nutrition requirements on a one-stop shop. In this category, you find businesses specializing in health and nutrition products including specialty foods, recipes, nutrition assistance for different people and health supplements.

Pregnant women need to eat very nutritious diets for the baby to develop properly.  While they don’t need to go on a special diet, eating a combination of foods daily can help them achieve the high nutritional requirements. Fruits and vegetables should form a good part of the diet since they contain lots of vitamins and minerals. They also have fibre which prevents constipation and assists in digestion.

Starchy foods such as bread, rice, potatoes, noodles and rice are an important source of fibre and vitamins. They should form the main of all meals. Proteinase foods including meat, fish, eggs, chicken, nuts and pulses should also be regularly included in meals. The preparation of every meal partially determines the amount of calories in that food. Fries have greater fat content that boiled foods and hence more calories.  Dairy products contain calcium and zinc which are very important in body development. Shoppers can browse this section of our shopping web directory to meet nutrition professionals for advice. They can also buy products, foods, supplements and recipes for a balanced diet.