AchooAllergy is a company specialising in allergy relief and environmental control products. Their comprehensive product line caters to various customer needs, including products that target asthma, pet dander, and mold. They also offer a range of commercial offerings suitable for different environments like basements, crawlspaces, and warehouses.

Their commitment to promoting healthier living is echoed by their broad selection of air purifiers. Available in a variety of brands, AchooAllergy's air purifiers are equipped with diverse features designed to combat specific allergens and air pollutants. From HEPA air purifiers to ones designed for VOC and MCS, and those designed to neutralize smoke, pet odor and pathogens, customers have a vast array of options. They also offer air purifier accessories, replacement filters, and replacement bulbs to ensure the longevity and proper functioning of the product.

AchooAllergy also caters to customers' sleep hygiene needs through their allergy bedding range. This range includes a variety of branded allergy pillows, mattresses, mattress covers, comforter covers, duvet covers, and organic pillow covers. Allergy bedding is essential for anyone needing to keep their sleeping environment free from allergens. Besides that, their cleaning product line covers various needs, be it bedroom, kitchen and bath, laundry, or mold removal.

Moreover, they offer different kinds of masks geared toward allergy relief, with several brands and options for replacement filters. Asthma sufferers can also find a comprehensive assortment of treatments including holding chambers, nebulizers, peak flow meters, and steam inhalers. To supplement customer convenience, free shipping is available on orders over $79.

Although they prioritize allergy relief, AchooAllergy also provides a significant selection of commercial and home dehumidifiers. These dehumidifiers are available across a spectrum of sizes and capacities suitable for areas ranging from single rooms, small spaces, basements to commercial sites such as warehouses and indoor pools.

Overall, AchooAllergy seems to be a one-stop solution for allergy sufferers and those seeking to improve their indoor environment quality. Their in-depth product range, commitment to providing a healthier indoor environment, and options for free shipping make them a viable choice.

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3411 Pierce Dr., Suite 100,
United States

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Phone: 1-800-339-7123
Fax: 1-770-455-9988