Optimum Fitness is a go-to platform for reviews and guides related to fitness equipment. The platform provides detailed evaluations of treadmills, and various types of exercise bikes, as well as equipment such as heart rate monitors, inversion tables, jogging strollers and rowing machines. The site is particularly known for its thorough treadmill reviews, assisting readers in choosing treadmill desks, which are beneficial for those with specific fitness goals such as reaching a daily step count. It offers key insights into the functionality and efficiency of various brands.

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Alongside elliptical reviews, Optimum Fitness offers an exercise bike guide. The platform provides complete reviews of upright exercise bikes, including popular brands such as the Nautilus U614, ASUNA 4200, and the new Schwinn 130. It also provides detailed reviews of indoor cycling bikes, helping their audience discover the best spin and indoor bikes of 2023.

Optimum Fitness doesn't limit its content to specific exercise machines. It also covers compression strength training equipment and even reviews gear like the best shoes and kit for spinning classes. The expansive nature of the platform makes it a comprehensive guide for newcomers and fitness enthusiasts alike.

In conclusion, Optimum Fitness sets itself apart by offering a broad range of detailed fitness equipment reviews and buying guides. This platform is resourceful for anyone seeking to learn more about a specific piece of fitness equipment or needs advice in selecting the best option to suit their fitness goals and budget.