The Yvento Site is the one-stop for getting ideas for gifts that are unique and cool but useful at the same time. Let's face it: many gifts are sold by the recipient after they receive it. It is sad but it happens. We want to avoid that presenting a selection of items that will be a great surprise and that they will use later on.

We focus on Drinking Gifts because they are fun accessories that the recipient of the gift will use every single week instead of forget it at the bottom of the closet.

They are great for celebrations and parties, but also for a normal lunch or dinner, or a quiet afternoon at home.

Our gifts are great for whiskey lovers, wine lovers, beer lovers or just for a family that wants to be ready for the next celebration.

Have a look at our whiskey rocks (real stones!), wine chiller stick, wine saver vacuum pump, beer chiller sticks… lots of fun and surprise.

Visit us at and get plenty of ideas for Christmas, Valentine's Day, Father's Day, drinking party games… or just to celebrate the next football match. It is the kind of thing that the friends that come at home love!

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