Modern Brick Warfare LLC is a business specializing in custom LEGO Kits and Minifig.Cat accessories. Customers can browse through a wide range of products via their interactive online platform. For inquiries or assistance, the company provides a dedicated email address: They also offer the convenience of gift certificates and a customer account option for ease of ordering and tracking.

An appealing aspect of Modern Brick Warfare LLC is its impressive product categories. These include Brickarms and Brickarms accessories which range from body wear and headgear to weapon packs. Fans of LEGO art and creations can admire or purchase their custom kits, which span different eras and themes like World War II kits and Modern Military Kits.

Also remarkable is their selection of custom printed minifigure parts and minifigs. Customers can find modern warfare minifigs, SWAT minifigs, WW2 minifigs, and even future warfare minifigs among their offerings, reflecting the company's versatility and creativity in designing these miniature characters.

The company also provides a detailed range of the Minifig.Cat product line which has comprehensive weapon systems, including WWII weapons, assault rifles, light machine guns, and even pistols. There's also a variety of tactical vests, headgear, and other accessories made to fit the minifigs.

Distinctive categories like the Minifig.Cat Tac Vest Builder and Minifig.Cat Overmolded Weapons demonstrate the company's specialty in carefully curated and well-crafted LEGO designs. Other selections include riot shields, gas masks, tactical belts, and explosives, showing a holistic approach to their minifig warfare theme.

Modern Brick Warfare LLC also offers products from other brands like Big Kid Brix and Cooper Works Military Stickers. A series of military tiny tactical gear is available, which underline the company's focus on tiny, intricate LEGO designs. Lastly, the company retails EclipseGrafx's line of custom printed accessories, enhancing its repertoire of high-quality LEGO customizations.

To sum up, Modern Brick Warfare LLC offers a vast assortment of LEGO warfare-themed products that cater to LEGO enthusiasts and collectors. Their wide-ranging collections and detailed designs make it a one-stop-shop for people chasing unique, military-inspired LEGO kits and accessories. Their commitment to maintaining a comprehensive product line is a testimony to their dedication to the niche LEGO modern warfare art sector.