Virtual University Press operates as an independent publisher with a focus on literary classics, textbooks, interactive study guides, and motivational literature. Its offerings span from the world's renowned classics to contemporary fiction and non-fiction. Going beyond the traditional publisher scope, Virtual University Press merges the realms of literature and pedagogy by offering virtual classrooms as a complementary support tool for selected books.

These virtual classrooms, evidently designed to aid readers in their comprehension, stand as an innovative feature provided by the company. They encompass a range of supplementary resources including interactive quizzes, discussion prompts, online study facilities, and an array of learning tools specially designed to help users digest the themes and nuances of their chosen reads. Additionally, these online resources also aim to support and motivate students striving to excel in their academic pursuits.

Moreover, the publisher continually adds to its collection, a commendable push for keeping up-to-date with new literary trends alongside perpetuating the timeless classics. It further displays customer orientation by hosting a search feature on its website allowing users to navigate through their wide-ranging choices with ease.

An additional noteworthy feature of Virtual University Press is its dedicated discussion spectrum. It seems to facilitate an avenue for intellectual discourse among its users, thereby fostering a community spirit among readers and learners. This not only generates a dynamic learning environment but also offers insights from diverse perspectives, enhancing the book reading and learning process.

Virtual University Press also appears to have a robust digital platform with a clear-cut and navigable website. The design, based on the Pages WordPress theme, offers a clean and coherent browsing experience. The inclusion of essential sections like terms of use, privacy policy, and copyright FAQ ensures transparency in its operations, contributing to its reliability as a digital publisher.

On the downside, the website's presentation could benefit from a more detailed description of its offerings and services. Clarity on the specifics of the virtual classroom offerings or previews of the interactive study guides would potentially improve user engagement and trust.

In conclusion, Virtual University Press stands as a comprehensive digital publishing platform that goes beyond traditional printing and publishing norms. With its diverse collection of classics and contemporary works, innovative virtual classrooms, and an interactive discussion platform, it sets new standards in the evolving literary domain. By addressing a few user experience facets on its digital front, it has the potential to establish itself as a go-to platform for literature enthusiasts and students alike.