Elib.org is an online directory with the stated goal of creating "an international directory of shopping related websites whose primary focus was to allow the consumer to select and obtain all kind of goods and services all over the Web." There is a cost for submitting a website to the Elib.org directory.

Basic submissions cost a one-time fee of 9 euros. Express submissions cost a one-time fee of 60 euros and sites submitted with this plan are reviewed in two business days. Sponsored submissions cost 150 euros annually, and sites submitted under this plan are reviewed in 48 hours. Sites are not guaranteed to be listed after paying the submission fee. Whether or not a site is listed in the Elib.org directory is up to the editors. The submission fee is nonrefundable.

Elib.org has a very neat and organized appearance. The site header contains the site's logo, a search box, a link to a page displaying the last terms searched for, and a link to a page that describes how to add a site to the directory.

The main body of the site is divided into two columns. The left column is very narrow, and contains links to the "About Us" page, the blog, a page that describes how to link to Elib.org, a link to the contact form, a link to the site's rss feed, a few advertisements, and two social networking links.

The main body of the home page contains a few text ads, a block that displays the directory's subject categories, and another box that contains links the directory's regional categories. The colors selected for the site are white for the background, light gray for text boxes, dark blue for the header, and dark blue and black for most text.

Most of the advertisements on the site are text ads, and they blend in so well with the content that in some cases it is difficult to tell that they are ads.

Sites in the Elib.org directory are categorized by subject and also by geographical location. Each site's profile page shows the categories that the site is listed in, a link to the site, a short description of the site, social networking buttons to promote the site, and a thumbnail image of the site. Listings paid for with Basic or Express submissions have advertisements. Listing paid for with Sponsored submissions do not contain advertisements.

I like the way that Elib.org is organized. The information for submitting a link is very easy to find, and the instructions for doing so are very clear. The link to the "About Us" page is prominently displayed on the home page in the left column, and the information on that page gives a nice summary of the owner's goals for the site.

The "Contact Us" page is easy to find, and not only contains a contact form, but it also contains the street address, phone number, and fax number for the site's owners. I also like the fact that even though the submission fee is nonrefundable, and is quite expensive for Sponsored submissions, the submission instructions state this very clearly, so that no misunderstandings arise between Elib.org and site submitters.