is an encyclopedia of online shops. It is very recommended when you shop on the internet to buy safely. Find reviews, discounts, products and help about the best online shopping sites: Amazon, Walmart, Snapdeal, QVC, Ikea. When you do online shopping it is recommended to follow some recommendations and advice.

1. Verify the reputation of the page where you want to buy If it is well known, if it has many users, it is new or used, if you know someone who has used the service, the comments of the publications, the type of payments and how convenient are the prices they handle.

2. Review the payment methods the page has
Direct charges to credit and / or debit cards or Internet transaction services, which we explained above and, in some cases, due to the distrust that is still generated to pay with cards, certain portals handle bank deposits, payments in some stores with extra charges for the service or counter-delivery (pay directly upon receipt of the product or service).

3. Make the best purchase decision
In some portals the price of the same product changes a lot, so you have to check carefully where you should buy it, look for promotions and offers, because in some pages they do it at specific times or days.

4. Contemplate the shipping cost
Regularly it is not very expensive and they don't even charge it if there is any promotion. Check this point well because sometimes you can save by buying online shipping costs, especially if you do it on an international portal.

5. Verify the charges with your bank
If you hire an online transaction service and there are unrecognized charges, the service must be notified immediately to be tracked, the purchase is canceled and the amount is returned. This may take some time, but it is the advantage you have with these services if something like this happens.

6. Use the best options
We have talked about Internet transaction services, but we have not given options, the best known are: Pay-Pal, Safety Pay, Amazon Payments, Google Checkout and Money Bookers.

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