Tiger Specs is a digital eyewear retailer dedicated to providing high-quality eyewear options to its customers. The website navigates the balance between function and fashion, offering an extensive selection of styles and lenses, suitable for various audiences and usage scenarios.

The brand offers a wide range of reading glasses with strengths varying from +0.00 to +5.00, accommodating different degrees of vision correction. The reading glasses are grouped into categories for easier navigation: 'Bifocal', 'Blue Light Glasses', 'Cat Eye', 'Classic', 'Designer', 'Jelli', 'Neck Hanging', 'Oversized', 'Pince Nez', 'Retro', 'Rimless', 'Round', and 'Semi-rimless'. This selection has the potential to cater to a diversity of aesthetic preferences and functional requirements.

Tiger Specs also offers a collection of blue light glasses, which are designed to protect the eyes from potentially harmful blue light emitted from screens. The strength categories for these glasses match those of the reading glasses.

Additionally, the brand features sunglasses which provide protection from harmful UV rays. Strengths for these start from +1.00 and reach up to +4.00. The range of styles and frame designs are comparable to their other collections, offering customers a variety of fashion-forward choices.

Plenty of color options are also available. Ranging from 'Black', 'Blue', 'Clear', 'Grey', 'Gunmetal', 'Multi-colored', 'Orange', 'Pink', 'Red', and 'Tortoiseshell', the wide color spectrum allows customers to choose eyewear that blends into their wardrobe seamlessly.

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Overall, Tiger Specs presents as a comprehensive eyewear shopping destination with a strong focus on quality, style, and value. Its extensive offerings, clear categorization, and customer-centric approach make it a capable player in the eyewear industry. The brand's context-savvy website design and user experience enhancements show a commitment to customer satisfaction.