Nature's Gift is a company offering a diverse range of products connected to both physical and emotional wellbeing, with an additional focus on aromatherapy and skincare solutions. Their product line includes, but is not limited to, essential oils, carrier oils, CO2 extracted carriers, infused oils, additives, floral waxes, and dilutions. They also provide a distinctive Be Kind Collection tailored to promote kindness and positivity.

The company provides free domestic shipping on orders over $35. Customers can benefit from this offer by using the code SHIPFREE at checkout. This appears to be an effort from Nature's Gift to incentivize shopping and reduce shipping costs for customers.

Items geared towards specific wellness practices such as rites, rituals, meditation, and spiritual awareness further show the diversity of Nature's Gift's catalog. Shoppers looking for products specifically made for pregnancy and baby care can also find provisions at Nature's Gift.

In addition to oils and remedies, Nature's Gift offers a selection of sample packs specifically intended for different skin types. These tailored options create an opportunity for consumers to test and find the products that suit their skin the best before buying in larger amounts.

The company caters to individuals looking to gift wellness and skincare items with their range of gift suggestions and gift certificates. These could be an attractive feature for those searching for meaningful and thoughtful presents.

Nature's Gift also provides helpful hints and tips related to dilution and measurements, household hints, suggestions on how to make a first aid kit, and other topics. It's clear that the company not only aims to sell products but also to educate and guide its customers in their wellness journey.

Beyond the products and tips, Nature's Gift accommodates both retail and wholesale shopping. The company seems to be user-friendly, providing quick shopping options and even providing assistance for login issues.

Overall, Nature's Gift appears to be a comprehensive resource for individuals focused on holistic wellbeing, wellness rituals, and those looking for natural skincare solutions. The diverse catalog, educational resources, and user-friendly shopping options make Nature's Gift a viable choice for many wellness-seekers.