Moringa oleifera is a plant which is used in creating the products featured on this page. These products are supposed to take advantage of the numerous health benefits the plants has to give, like high concentrations of calcium, minerals, proteins and amino acids. The plants used to create these products are grown in safe, natural and chemical, additive and pesticide free environments.

The first page will give a brief introduction to all those health benefits associated with the plant. A video which underlines the benefits of Moringa capsules is also available. Products featured based on this plant range from personal care products like shampoo, to capsules, tea, essential oils, lip balm and body wash lotions.

Each product comes in a bundle, featuring several individual items which can be customized. For example, the Spa collection includes body wash lotions, body butter and lip balms. Once you get to their page, you can choose from a diversified range of scents available for each individual item. The checkout procedure is pretty straightforward – but you’ll need to fill in the required fields regarding scent preferences before you can order.

Last, but not least, the website has a lot of certificates to show off. Besides that, there’s a blog which offers news items and further information about Moringa and its uses, benefits and importance. Shipping is available worldwide from the US. Contact information can be found on the site for more information about products, the Moringa oleifera plant or other problems you may encounter. The website is available in US and UK English, as well as in Spanish.

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Moringa Source, LLC
231 S Main St #315,
United States

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Phone: 203-442-3007