Aromatherapy Oils Romania is a business that specializes in offering a wide variety of essential oils and massage oils. They provide an array of products related to aromatherapy, including candles, books, and accessories. Their categorization of products is intuitive and meticulous, thus providing an easy search journey for customers.

They have a diverse range of essential oils available, such as absolutes essential oils, essential oil synergies, and essential oil 5% dilutions, catering to different user's preferences and needs. Their catalog extends to mood enhancers that potentially contribute to a unique olfactory experience.

Beyond essential oils, the business carries a broad selection of bases and carriers, encompassing bath and shower bases, carrier oils, and various cream bases. Exfoliator, gel, and mask bases as well as haircare and lotion bases are also offered. This vast range signifies their commitment to providing comprehensive solutions for different skincare needs.

In the area of face and body care, the company lists out after-sun and outdoors products, body lotions, cleansers, gels, and toners. The list also includes facial creams and lotions, products catered specifically to men, hand and foot care items, and hydrosols. The body massage oils they offer taps into the wellness trend and caters to individuals seeking relaxation or therapeutic benefits.

Furthering their range, Aromatherapy Oils Romania extends into bath, shower, and hair products, including aromatherapy soaps, body wash and shower gels, bath soaks, hair shampoos, and conditioners. For home fragrance, they provide pillar and tin candles, votives and tea lights, and traditional and aromatherapy incense sticks.

Accessories such as aromatherapy boxes, beauty essentials, diffusers and burners, massage tools, and relaxing music CDs are available for purchase, hinting at the brand's thoroughness in covering all aspects of aromatherapy. They also extend their offerings to special deals under 'Inflation Busters' and aromatherapy and essential oil kits.

Aromatherapy Oils Romania has taken a bold step towards assuring their customers of quality by presenting extensive information on issues such as essential oil purity and quality, testing, specifications, and storage of oils. They provide a detailed insight into their quality control processes and declare their ethical stance with no animal testing policy. This transparency not only ensures customer trust but potentially sets them apart from competitors.

Trade customers can also apply for a trade account, thus facilitating their bulk purchase needs effectively. The business's pledge to quality assurance and ethical policies feature prominently, reflecting their consistent effort to maintain high standards across their operations.

Overall, Aromatherapy Oils Romania presents a comprehensive supply of aromatherapy products, placing emphasis on the quality and purity of their oils. Their transparent policies and diverse range of offerings cater to an expansive market while also emphasizing on ethical practices. However, detailed information on each product's specifics, usage, and possible precautions could enhance their customer service further.