Tucows, a tech company renowned for its commitment to improving the internet, has been in operation since 1993. With a diverse portfolio, Tucows' services range from being the second largest domain registrar in the world through its subsidiaries OpenSRS, Enom, Ascio, and Hover, to investing in fiber-optic internet infrastructure across the United States via Ting - its other branch. Furthermore, with Wavelo, Tucows continues its journey into software development, focusing on straightforward solutions designed to streamline telecom operations.

The team at Tucows presents a united front, sharing a strong belief in the potential of the open internet. This shared focus has allowed them to thrive. They work at the foundational level, creating both tangible and virtual products and services aimed at bettering the internet as a whole. This commitment to innovation has been instrumental in the continued success of the company, showcasing their dedication to their mission as internet improvers.

Tucows attributes their enduring success to the hard work and talent of their team, highlighting the value they place on their employees. Their history, 29 years in the making, stands testament to their resilience and capacity for evolution in a fast-paced industry. Their belief in their team and the power of 'good people doing good work' has driven their growth, propelling the company forward.

Notably, Tucows operates under a model of inclusivity, welcoming a diverse range of talents and skills into its team. With a variety of roles available across its various branches, Tucows has established multiple paths for potential employees to contribute to their ongoing mission. It's this commitment to inclusivity and diversity that sets Tucows apart as a progressive and forward-thinking tech company.

To conclude, Tucows continues to stand as a significant player in the tech industry with its extensive portfolio, commitment to innovation, and dedication to the open internet. Alongside its emphasis on inclusivity and a strong, united team, Tucows illustrates how a tech company can make a positive impact on both the industry and the wider internet landscape. As a trove of diverse enterprises, Tucows remains steadfast in its belief in the power of the open internet, a belief that continues to drive their success and innovation. As they continue to write their story, it's clear that Tucows is a company that is not just about making a profit, but truly about 'Making the Internet better.'