Speedtech International is a manufacturer specializing in providing wholesale hook and loop cable ties. Additionally, they offer custom printed VELCRO cable ties, designed to cater to a myriad of requirements across different sectors. The organization requires the use of cookies and contact forms to ensure the enhancement of their services related to informing and communicating with clients.

The company offers a broad range of services to various sectors including Automotive, Medical, Construction, Low Voltage Cabling, OEM / Manufacturers, Transportation, Electrical Wholesale, Maintenance and Operations, Industrial Automation, Military / Government, Robotics, RC Audio / Video, Outdoor and Recreation, Safety, Marine, and Musicians. By servicing such a vast array of sectors, Speedtech International demonstrates a high level of versatility in its offerings.

Within their product range, they offer custom printed cable ties, custom printed cinch straps, custom printed hook and loop tape, custom VELCRO Brand Products, Fabrication Fire Retardant Cable Ties, and various fastening solutions. Also featured is Speedtech's proprietary SPEEDWRAP line, an extensive range of hook and loop products that include all-weather cinch straps, cable clips, cable ties, cord connectors, and more.

Customer support is a significant focus at Speedtech International, with the provision of purchasing engineering support, order confirmation, and product support. Additional resources such as product drawings, product brochures, and a team ready to address Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are provided to ensure optimal customer satisfaction.

Speedtech International further entrenches its commitment to quality with various certifications granted to uphold regulatory standards. The company encourages prospective clients to contact them should they require any further information, reinforcing their dedication to customer service.

In conclusion, Speedtech International is an established firm providing a versatile range of wholesale hook and loop cable tie solutions. With a robust product offering and a commitment to serve a vast array of sectors, they stand as a preferable choice for many businesses looking for wholesale cable tie solutions. Their emphasis on customer service, quality, and industry regulation places them as a strong candidate for businesses operating in industries to which they cater.

Business address

Speedtech International, Inc.
1405 16th. St.,
United States

Contact details

Phone: (800) 771-3896