Women love shopping, particularly for clothes. Shopping for clothes is fun, and sometimes we even do it subconsciously. The case can be so serious that you discover a new outfit in your wardrobe but you have no memory whatsoever of ever buying it. But often we do buy new clothes on a conscious level. And when we keep doing this long enough, it is no surprise that we'll find ourselves with so many clothes in our wardrobes but still at the same time with no clothes to wear. There are many clothes in there but you just can't figure out which ones to put on. If you have ever found yourself in this position, Wardrobe ReImagined is here to help you out. Carol Osnes founded this company and created a website to offer her image consultancy expertise and services to women with a wardrobe malfunction. She has over 30 years" experience in the field, including working with a fortune 100 company. Her company is located in Minneapolis, St. Paul MN. Let's discover what you are likely to find on the website.

The User Interface

The website is very simple, neatly organized, and easy to navigate. At the very top of its homepage, you'll find some contact information, the company's logo, and the main menu of the website. The home page of the website is brief. There is only a slideshow suggesting some of the services you are likely to get from the enterprise, a brief introduction about Carol and her company, and a form that you can use to reach out to the company when filled.

At the very bottom of not only the home page but also all the pages of the website, you'll find another main navigation that's similar to the one at the top of the website. Its purpose is to save you the trouble of having to scroll all the way to the top of the website to access the main navigation. The pages on this website are not long, but still having the main navigation at the bottom of the page still serves its purpose. Immediately below the bottom main menu is the footer of the web page.

The content on each of the site's web pages is brief. I like that about the website. You want to visit a website, find what you are looking for in no time, and then move on to the next business. This website enables you to do just that. It in a way shows you how organized Carol is and the kind of services you are likely to receive from her company. Speaking of services:


Wardrobe ReImagined offers services to her clients in forms of packages. According to the website, Carol is the CEO of the company and as indicated earlier, she has over 30 years of experience in the industry of image consultancy. Gathering all her expertise, knowledge, and experience, these are the packages the company offers to fix your wardrobe:


Color analysis

Body Type Assessment

Fashion Personality Evaluation

Closet Audit & Reorganization

Shop Your Closet

Future Acquisition List


Color analysis

The company also offers two more special packages:

Review ideal for special occasions like picking the perfect wedding dress, job interviews, first dates, formal affairs, and such.

Relate with this package, you can arrange for Carol to come and speak to your organization regardless of its nature. She will share tips and trick on how to look your best with whatever you already have in your wardrobe; and of course, you will have to get a new wardrobe if the one you currently have doesn't work.

You can check out the "Testimonials" page for the opinion of those who have already been transformed by the company. Also, consider the "Blog" menu item to learn what the company has been up to lately.


This website doesn't have much. The images on the website are minimal and it doesn't have much content. That means that its web pages load super-fast. The website is best viewed using desktop computers because it is not responsive. If you choose or happen to access it on a mobile device with a small screen like a tablet or smartphone, you may not have the best experience with it.

The Wardrobe ReImagined website is fairly simple, easy to navigate, neat, and its performance is just right. You won't have any trouble exploring it.


Business address

Wardrobe ReImagined LLC
5649 Morgan Ave S,
United States

Contact details

Phone: +1-612-927-8388