Spring Import is a prominent women's wholesale clothing supplier and distributor. Known for their keen eye on fashion trends, the company operates with a dual dynamic of designing and developing popular new styles whilst also producing bestsellers on a monthly basis. The business undertakes this by sourcing and manufacturing products under its own private label brands.

Catering particularly to the business-to-business market, Spring Import functions as an importer that keeps a stocked inventory of their products for wholesale. This strategy proves beneficial for boutiques and retailers across the United States to access trendy women's apparel consistently. The company's focus mainly on wholesale allows for an uninterrupted supply chain for their clients.

Spring Import's website has a distinct user registration system. Registering for an account on their platform gives users access to wholesale pricing and all their catalogue of products. However, the signing up of a user on their platform is subject to an agreement to their platform's Terms and Conditions. This measure intends to streamline the purchasing process for the registered wholesale customers.

The company has also made efforts to ensure a seamless user experience on their site. They remind users to activate JavaScript in their browser settings for optimal site performance. It also emphasizes updating the browser used, prompting a link for users to do so, aiming to provide the best site experience possible.

Operating since 2007, Spring Import has over a decade of experience to its name in the women's apparel market. They have created a niche for themselves, in both the design and supply aspects of trendy women's clothing. Their continued service in the industry attests to their commitment to provide high-quality wholesale women's apparel, recognizing the ever-changing nature of fashion trends. This long-standing service speaks of a reliability factor that retailers and boutiques can depend on for their supply chain.

In conclusion, Spring Import is a comprehensive solution for boutiques and retailers looking for a steady supply of fashionable women's clothing. They provide a platform that delivers designs of new and popular styles, manufacturing under their private label brands. Their seamless platform and devotion to customer satisfaction, coupled with their commitment to being at the forefront of fashion trends, make it a go-to spot for womenswear retail businesses.

Business address

Spring Import, Inc.
1407 Broadway, Ste 715,
New York,
United States

Contact details

Phone: 212-575-1888
Fax: 212-575-1887