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Women all over the world rely on fashion trends to decide what to keep on their wardrobes. While there are many kinds of clothes for different occasion, looking stylish and modern influences your personality as well as the way people view you. Women generally have a wider pool of choice compared to men when it comes to dressing. Here are some tips for choosing the best styles.

Every colour has its own significance and meaning. According to Marie Claire, a fashion expert, dressing colour choice says everything about your character and personality. Every season has its appropriate colours depending on the prevailing circumstances and the weather condition.

Love dresses

The type and colour of a woman’s dress for any love event helps in spicing up those precious moments as well as defining her personality. Everything with touches of red and black is acceptable for such an event. If you put on a hot red dress, it’s totally acceptable. Purple is a royal colour which signifies fiery passion. It is certainly mysteriously charming and entertaining for all love events. Wen going out for anything romantic, whether a candlelight diner, a moonlight walk or a twilight outing, purple is always one of the best dress choices. Little black dresses are becoming common official dresses but I guarantee you that they are still trendy in the season of love. Designers are now putting animal prints on little dresses to make them sexier. Angelina Jolie once said that she never goes out for without a little black dress.

Winter dresses, summer spring and fall colours

Your colour selection at any season should match the colour of your skin, your hair and your body type. Blue-based colours and dark shades are great collections for winter seasons. I always get jealous in winter when I see people in beautiful black and white cloths. Summer on the other hand is a season for bright colours including purples and pastel blues. Spring is a season for yellow colours. In the spring season, I like apricot and coral colours to reflect the nature around me. I always spare my sludgy greens and orange dresses for the Fall season.

Combining your colour matches with your hair

Steve Allen once said that the hair is always real no matter who has it. Hair is a universal beauty gift granted to everyone. Your hair type and style is always important in determining your dress colour of the season.


Blondes look very beautiful in bright warm colours. I tell my blonde colleagues to consider colours such as orange, rust, cream or orange. Platinum blondes are always stunning in blue shades.


Light brunettes should pick on saturated colours in stead of pastels. Jewel tones such as sapphire blue and emerald green are the best choices for light brunettes. Warm brunettes look great in orange-red, charcoal grey and navy blue clothes

Black hair

Black haired people always look stunning on cobalt blue, royal purple and rid-engine red dresses. They also fit well in universal black dresses including saree-length clothes and little black dresses.


I have a redhead friend who looks fabulous on green and ivory colours. Redheads should avoid yellows since they don’t match well with them.
For a modern sophisticated look, wear the colour of the season which matches your hair or which has a striking contrast. Redheads fit very well in red attires while brunettes look superb with golden yellow pieces.


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