Marketing for Teens Websites

Teenagers are defined by their huge collection of casual dresses for all kinds of occasions. Most teenagers are involved in a large number of social events with very few official duties. Their official clothes are hence limited to one or two garments in the wardrobe while most of their clothes are casual and semi-casual designs.

In order t look trendy and fashionable as a teenager, you must put on an outfit that is fitting and stylish. Dresses that were fashionable a few years a go could appear bizarre if worn today. Here are a few tips to help you dress in fashionable street wear

Study about fashion

In today’s society, street wear for teenagers is basically defined by the outstanding clothing trends in modern cities such as London and New York. Such trends are in turn defined by a country’s specific culture, society and beliefs. Most teenagers want to be among the first to explore new clothing trends in their city. Watching fashion shows and reading fashion magazine can give you a clue on the latest fashion trends at any time to keep you updated. You can also observe the latest designs in your town to get a clue on the trending styles.

Choose the right teen dresses

Teenagers can wear of all kinds of clothes including plain shirts and t-shirts, highly decorated jeans, khakis, designer shirts, short sleeves and jackets. Khakis have stayed in fashion for a very long tome and could even stay a little longer. There are different kinds of teen jeans depending on their material’s type, thickness and size. Jean s and t-shorts are universal dresses for all kinds of teen events. They can be worn for outdoor event such as retreats and parties as well as for schools and field events.

Matching your dressing with accessories

There are countless types of accessories that teenagers wear to match their trendy dresses. For boys, watches generally look nice on them especially of they put on a sharp dress. Masculine necklaces and bling blings normally rock on all teenagers especially if worn along with flashy jeans, t-shirts or jackets. Ladies have a wider collection of accessories than men. Their choices include earrings, bangles, eyewear, tongue wear, hats, neckties and nose wear. The type of the accessory and its colour should match the clothes one is wearing


Shoes form an extremely important part of everyone’s dressing. They complement the person’s outfit and complete the dress style. Putting on the wrong shoes can completely mess your entire dressing. Boys should pick their favourite designs of sneaker, loafers and other decorated designs to match their trendy look.

Ladies on the other hand can wear different types of shoes, including flats, wedges and sandals. They should always wear flat shoes when going for aggressive casual events and high heels for official ones. Always carry an extra pair of flat shoes if you are on high heels to wear when you get tired. High heels cannot be worn for vigorous exercises. The shoe colour chosen should match both the trouser and the top.


  • Angry, Young and Poor
    This is a collection of punk-style teenage dresses including candy land footed pajamas, high heel shoes, leopard themed dresses, graffiti t-shirts and denim vests.

  • GoJane
    A collection of casual and semi-official women clothing including tops, bottoms, dresses, intimates and swimwear.

  • Hot Topic
    A licensed supplier of trendy teenage attire including jeans, tees, shorts, skirts, tanks, crew fleece and shoes featuring pop culture.

  • Lulus
    Offers a collection of trendy teenage women clothing including dresses, shoes, tops, bottom, beauty enhancements and accessories.

  • New Look: Teens
    Supplies classic social teenage dresses including floral prints and tartan shifts for lace skates and more.

  • Pacific Sun Wear
    Specializes in teenage outdoor clothes including tanks, board shorts, jeans, joggers, pants, jackets, polo t-shirts and crew fleece.

  • Shop Style: Teen Guys Store
    Provides teen guy clothes including jeans, outerwear, pants, shirts, shorts, sports coats, suits sweaters, socks and swimwear.

  • Surf and Dirt
    Provides sporty teenage dresses for outdoor events including riding, hiking, summer walks and surfing.