At Workers' Land, we review the best and most comfortable work boots available to buy online.

There are many reasons why you'd want to wear protective footwear. Whether you work as an electrician, logger, construction worker, lineman, mechanic, welder or any other labour jobs or you're simply doing small jobs around your house, protecting your feet (besides other) is essential.

Contrary to popular belief, you can wear a pair of work boots with toe cap protection and feel comfortable while doing so. They are not as sturdy and uncomfortable as they used to be. Well known brands like Caterpillar, Timberland, Keen, Red Wing, Wolverine, Ariat, etc - they all manufacture well-made, comfortable work boots to a very high standard. By doing some research, you can easily end up wearing a pair of work boots as comfortable as a pair of standard ones.

However, there are certain on-the-job requirements that you need to be aware of. So, whether you do it as a full-time job or you're a DIYer, certain jobs require you to wear certain footwear.

For example, the best work boots for welders are the ones equipped with a metatarsal shield to deflect the sparks from reaching your laces or any other part of your boot that could catch on fire. The electrician and lineman work boots have to be made of non-conductive material toe protection, work boots intended for construction workers have to offer a great compression protection while the boots for loggers must possess some great cut-proof abilities.

Work boots are usually equipped with a steel toe cap, composite, alloy or soft protection.

Steel toe protection is, by far, the strongest contender, yet the most uncomfortable one. Plus, it is an electrically conductive metal which means you can't use work boots with steel toe caps in places with electrical hazards. Steel toe cap work boots are ideal for heavy-duty environments.

Work boots with composite toe caps are lightweight, therefore more comfortable. As an example, if your job implies travelling a lot, they are ideal. You won't be bothered by those annoying airport alarms as composite reinforced work boots are metal-free. In terms of protection, they offer a decent protection that meets most of the work safety standards, but composite is not as strong as steel, for example.

Alloy reinforced work boots are usually made of aluminium, kevlar or titanium. They are, what we like to call, 'the middleman'. In terms of protection, they come in between steel toe and composite ones. In terms of comfort, work boots with alloy toe caps tend to be lighter than steel ones, comparable to the composite caps.

Soft toe protection work boots are becoming a more and more popular alternative, although they are being classed as 'non-protective' by the work boots standards commissions. Being made of reinforced plastic or leather, work boots with soft toe protection are great for small jobs around the house. However, don't even think about wearing them on a construction site, the toe protection they offer is minimal.