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  • Men's Apparel
    A one-stop shop for all kinds of men's apparel. It offers a list of men dresses including collegiate gifts, Byford socks, Gitman Brothers dress shirts, Colonel Littleton accessories, Wrinkle Free dress shirts, formal wear, trousers and shirts, Torino leather, neckwear and sports shorts.

  • Patrick James
    Offers a complete collection of men's wardrobe including shirts, tees, Shorts & pants, sweaters, outwear, active dresses, sport coats and suits. It also has a collection of footwear including casual and dress shoes.

  • Sneak outfitters
    A New York based collection of updated male design categories including designer brands, t-shirts, tanks, jackets, hoodies, suit sets, shorts, bottoms and fashion sets. It also offers a list of men accessories including wallets and bags, hats, scarves, gloves, sunglasses, watches, jewellery and ties.

  • Workers' Land
    Reviews a wide range of work boots available for the majority of labourer jobs out there.

  • Ambassador shop
    Offers a collection of men clothing including Italian designer suits, sporty coats, dress shirts, suits, casual wear and pants. It also includes a list of men accessories including ties, cufflinks, colognes and belts. It also offer style tips and fashion advice for men.

  • American Male
    Offers a collection of men's apparel including sportswear designs, corporate apparel and custom-made shirts and suits. It also offers a list of tuxedos including wedding designs, individual and prom tuxedos.

  • Bach Rach Clothing
    A boutique collection of all kinds of men's clothes including men's dress shirts, official designs, ties, kits, pants, and sport coats. It also offers a collection of men's suits including slim fits, modern fits, classy fits and new arrivals.

  • Discount Designer Menswear
    Offers a list of men's dress apparel including slacks, suits, men's sports coats, tuxedos, big & tall dresses, suits and outwear. It also provides a list of leather clothes including jackets and gloves. They feature several brands including ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein and Reed Leather.

  • Elite & Luck
    Provides a large selection of silver, gold, wedding and designer mens cufflinks. Worldwide shipping.

  • Get Real Clothes
    A personalized outlet of men's gifts, clothing and accessories. Their collection of dresses include men's suits, sport coats, men's dress shirts, dress trouser, casual pants, jeans, sweaters, knits and outwear. It provides fashionable accessories including sunshades, neck ties and scarves.

  • Short Men Sizes
    This is a collection of dresses for short men. It provides different designs for men under 5' 7" customized with shorter sleeves smaller rise and narrower legs in shorts, slacks, casual pants and jeans. Their dress collection includes suits, dress shirts, jackets, walk shorts, neckwear, belts, footwear and men's accessories.

Men's Web Directory

The ultimate dressing goal of every man is to dress in clothes that will inspire self confidence and impress every person he interacts with.  Fashion normally changes from time to time depending on the location and the society. Here are a few tips to help men choose their best outfit to create the best impression.

What to wear

Your choice of the clothes to wear is determined by several factors including the occasion, the weather conditions and personal preferences. Suits are the best dresses for official occasions including office jobs, interviews and business meetings. Every man should at least have one elegant suit in his wardrobe.  

Even if you don’t wear suits when going to the office, you will need it when attending a wedding or a court session. Always pick on suits that are straight and fitting. Most ready –made suits usually come in standard colours and sizes giving men a wide pool of choice. Most men prefer dark suits since they are unique and silent as compared to shiny colours. Suits can be worn with plain shirts and neckties or designer shirts with no ties. The colours should however be appropriately matching either through similarity or contrast.

Semi-official dresses such as dark Demin jeans are appropriate for casual workdays or Fridays. All kinds of work dresses should not be highly decorated so that they can print an official picture.

T-shirts and jeans

T-shirts and jeans are probably the most popular casual clothing for men.  They are appropriate for most casual events including parties, semi-casual jobs, retreats and hiking events. They can be worn by all ages and sizes. You should however pick the right colour and design in order to look fashionable.

Tight fitting t-shirt styles are appropriate for masculine people since they properly bring out the 6-pack shape. Slim people should wear slightly free designs but should avoid buggy clothes. You can pick a fit which covers only a quarter of your upper arm for a casual event on a sunny summer event. T-shirts don’t necessarily have to take the colour of the jeans, although the colours should agree with one another. Plain t-shirts are great if matched with plain jeans under a classic unbuttoned shirt.


A man’s dressing is never complete until he has a complementing selection of shoes. Designers have nowadays come up with all sorts of shoes for all occasions. Sneakers and sporty rubber shoes should be matched with casual dresses for one to look trendy while official leather shoes are best when matched with official suits.

Casual shoes can take any colour as long as they match with the trousers. You should avoid decorated styles when picking official shoes so as to properly complement your outfit. Brown and black colours are universal official shoes and can be worn with almost all colours of official clothes. Cowboy boots are very appropriate when worn for active outdoor events such as hiking and retreats, and will look very fashionable with a cowboy jacket or a short-sleeved shirt and a tight pair of jeans.