Zesti is a company specializing in the production of sustainable premium scrub uniforms. Their wide range of products consist of men's and women's spirit mode power garments, tunics, trousers, and Skechers footwear. The clothing and footwear are offered in an array of colours including wave, tropic, brook, ocean, eclipse, dawn, dusk, garnet, reef, shadow, and midnight.

In the near future, Zesti is set to become a part of the Alsico Group, which is considered to be one of the world's larges workwear companies. This move is expected to broaden the company's reach and enhance its production capacity, while maintaining its commitment towards sustainability.

The company also offers a unique personalisation service with an easy logo-upload process. Customers can upload a design on their selected product for personalisation. They need to first register an account, upload their design, and await approval which can take up to five working days. Zesti charges a one-time setup fee of ₤30.00 plus VAT to digitise the design. Also, for placing the logo on the garment, Zesti charges ₤5.00 plus VAT per garment.

Overall, the company appears to provide a comprehensive shopping experience. Customers opting for logo personalisation should note that this service can increase the delivery time by up to 10 days. Therefore, placing orders well in advance would be advisable for those seeking personalisation. Their website also houses a FAQs section and a news section, making it easy for customers to stay updated and clarify their queries.

Business address

Zesti, Pittman Way, Fulwood, Preston, PR2 9ZD
Pittman Way,
United Kingdom