Wholesale Duffel Bags is an established supplier of bulk bags, featuring a wide range of products such as backpacks, duffel bags, waist packs, fanny packs, tote bags, and utility bags. Customers can look for specific bags based on their requirements such as school backpacks, hiking packs, travel duffel bags, and everyday backpacks.

The bags come in different sizes, styles, materials and pricing, catering to different customer demands. Among the available stock, customers can find large tote bags with zippered bottom compartments, standard waist packs, journey backpacks, and classic backpacks with front organizers. These bags are priced reasonably with the $18.50 large tote bag and the journey backpack at $19.70.

The seller also offers a variety of duffel bags, available from 20-inch to 25-inch sizes. For those needing more storage space, a 28.5-inch oversized cargo bag is available in their inventory. Similarly, a range of backpacks with front mesh pockets, sporty backpacks with organizers, and oversized deluxe backpacks are available, allowing customers to choose depending upon their individual requirements.

For gym-goers, an 18-inch gym bag with a wet pocket is available, offering the convenience to carry gym clothes separately. Customers can also find a 30-inch round duffel bag in the company's collection.

Apart from individual purchases, the company offers bulk deals as well a beneficial feature for businesses and organizations. Products available in these bulk purchases include backpacks, duffel bags, hiking packs, waist packs, camouflage bags and tote bags.

Wholesale Duffel Bags ensure a quality customer service experience with the option of joining their mailing list, where customers can receive updates on new arrivals and deals. This shows the company's commitment to providing a valuable shopping experience and maintaining a relationship with the buyers.

Overall, Wholesale Duffel Bags is a reliable supplier of different types of wholesale bags that caters to diverse market needs, assuring quality and affordability. Their wide variety and competitive prices make them an attractive choice for both individual shoppers and businesses looking for bulk purchases.