EyeShop is an online and physical retail outlet that specializes in eyewear. The business has a significant history, having been established since 1978. It further expanded its reach by transitioning to the online space in 2000, making it one of the pioneers in the online optics retailing industry.

The company offers an extensive collection of eyewear, covering a variety of styles, designs, and price points to cater to a diverse customer base. The website's user-friendly interface enables ease of navigation making the shopping experience simpler and faster.

EyeShop takes the privacy of its customers seriously. It assures its customers that their email information is safe and will not be used for unwanted marketing purposes. Apart from safeguarding customer information, they also prioritize customer service. They provide an easy and straightforward process in signing up for an online account, aiming for a smooth, hassle-free customer experience.

For their physical store, EyeShop also provides detailed directions and maps, ensuring customers have no trouble locating the store. They also provide detailed information on their operating hours, contributing convenience and planning for potential store visitors.

Additionally, EyeShop shows a commitment towards being a customer-centric business by offering comprehensive customer support. Their site includes a frequently asked questions (FAQ) section designed to address common concerns and issues that customers might encounter.

However, while EyeShop seems to offer attractive prices, it is unclear about their shipping details. Similarly, information on their return and exchange policies are not apparent, which could be a disadvantage for online shoppers needing further assurance for their purchase.

Overall, EyeShop's longevity in the optics retail industry speaks volumes about its likely credibility and reliability as a business. In terms of product offerings, customer protection, and service, EyeShop appears to deliver; although, better transparency on terms of service may help enhance customer experience.

Business address

EyeShop MAvroulias Dimitrios
Taxiarchon 110,

Contact details

Phone: +302105450000
Fax: +302105450000