Marketing for Children's Websites

Buying a child’s clothes is definitely one of the most interesting parts of having a kid at home. Knowing the clothes to buy for your kids is very important since their dressing influences their comfort and safety. Selecting the right style and size ensures that the child looks trendy and fashionable.

Children of different ages wear different kinds of dresses. One should be very particular when selecting the material for baby’s clothes. Babies and infants have an extremely sensitive skin which can be irritated by simple things such as rough weaves, stitches or rough garment fabrics.

Cotton and other natural materials form the best baby clothes since they are soft and comfortable. Cloth additions such as naps, elastics and zippers can be very uncomfortable for the baby if they are not positioned at the right place. They can even hurt the kid’s little fingers if they are caught in them accidentally. You need to be keen on the potential hazards in the chosen baby’s apparel including loose straps, zipper pulls, strings, and loosely placed buttons. The baby can easily pull, swallow or wrap himself with them causing injury. Unlike grown ups, babies grow very fast and hence choosing clothes that are one size bigger than their actual size can help you save money since you wont have to go shopping after every few weeks.

Shoes and socks form a critical part of baby’s clothes especially in cold places. They help protect the babies from cold temperatures keeping them happy and playful. Always pick on shoes that a have a wide opening and a soft interior. When the baby grows to a toddler he needs clothes that he can play in. Toddlers are in the exploration stage and hence they need clothes that can allow for easy movement and safety. Their clothes should withstand friction caused by constant movement and protect the kid from the harsh environment as well. During summer, the garments chosen should keep the baby cool and protected.  During winter, shoes, jackets, socks and caps are a must. Undergarments are also necessary to hold the skin tight against bad weather.

When children grow older, they start showing preference to specific clothing items. For instance, little girls like playing dress up and princess games in pink dresses while boys like playing outdoor games in shorts and t-shirts. The child should have a hat or a cap when going out to play during summer. Designers nowadays specialize in matching themes and patch colours according to the child’s gender. If a child is past four years old, take him along when going shopping so that he can pick out some of his own clothes according to his preferences.

Children dresses are generally cheap since they don’t use a lot of fabric. While you should not limit your child from playing, you should do everything possible to keep him as hygienic and clean as possible. Baby clothes should be washed with detergents to kill germs so as to keep the child healthy.


  • Cute Little Ones
    Provides an assorted list of baby clothing, toddler clothing ad casual boys apparel. It features several designer new born clothes including Nununu sprinkle designs, shorts and kick pants, unisex jackets, short sleeve tees.

  • Dapper Lads
    Specializes in formal clothes for boys, including traditional designs, European dresses and vintage styles for special events and weddings. It also provides a collection of boy accessories including caps, neckties and boy shoes.

  • Just Dresses
    Specializes in dresses for girls between 0 and 12 years old. It offers a wide range of designs including party dresses for all seasons, children prom dresses, flower girl designs, Christmas styles, children ball gowns and concert dresses.

  • My Little Jules
    An online boutique that offers girls clothing from such brands as Persnickety Clothing, Mustard Pie Clothing, Paper Wings clothing, Giggle Moon Baby, Lemon Loves Lime and more. Free Shipping $79+ in US and Canada. Users can save $5 with code WELCOME.

  • Papucci
    Papucci are creators of personalised baby blankets and gifts. Using quality materials from top brands such as Kissy Kissy, Bambino Merino and Minene, Papucci's baby gifts will be perfect for Birthdays, Christenings or any other gift giving.

  • Sophias style boutique
    Offers a vast collection of girl clothes including dresses, uniforms, sleepwear, undergarments, gym wear, figure skating and costumes. It cuts across a wide range of sizes and body types ranging from newborns to 16 year olds. It also provides several accessories such as headbands, clippies, headpieces, leg warmers, belts, jewelry and make up.