EverSmoke is an online shopping place for classic electronic cigarettes. It utilizes refillable and two-piece construction so that the user only charges the battery and attaches a fresh atomizer. Their cigarettes have been developed with the latest battery and cartridge modelling technology. The company’s e-cigs have an indicator LED which lights every time the user puffs. It also signals when its time to recharge the electronic cigarette

EverSmoke offers very unique E-cigarettes which produce a highly entertaining thick vapour. Some users argue that Eversmokes electronic cigarettes have the thicker vapour than any other electronic cigarette in the market. It has good tasting cartridge flavours including classic tobacco, Very Vanilla, Coffee Creation, Cherry Crush, Cool Menthol and Peppermint party.

Electronic cigarettes from Eversmoke have very unique features. The batteries are long lasting and rechargeable. They come in different colours and sizes, and are designed for maximum performance. Cartridges are made with the modern Vaporflo technology to ensure a very smooth flow. The Eversmoke atomizer is positioned into the cartridge giving users a fresh atomizer whenever they purchase a new electronic cigarette. The silicone tip is purposefully developed to prevent leakage. Eversmoke.com also offers a collection of electronic cigarette accessories including carrying cases, car adapters and extra batteries

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EverSmoke Electronic Cigarettes
3560 NW 53rd Court,
Ft. Lauderdale,
United States

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Phone: 8008563837