Electronic cigarette supplier and seller, alongside with e-cig accessories and e-liquids. Features numerous products and constantly provides discounts on featured items. There are a few important sections which comprise the bulk of the website – about e-cig, which talks about electronic cigarettes as alternatives to regular cigarettes, their uses and benefits and how they work; Simply ECig – about this particular brand and shipping policies and then 3 item categories: electronic cigarettes, e-liquids and accessories.

You can purchase a starter kit which, depending on the type of starter kit you get, will have several popular accessories and flavors included. Aside from that, you can get refillables and flavors, alongside accessories from their respective categories on the website.

When getting a starter kit, you have the option of choosing a few specifics, like colors for the e-cig, the case and tank and the kind of e-liquid you’d want. Due to a probably bug, once you click on a option in a list, the price for the package reverts to zero.

Both starter kits and accessories come fully described and you’ll know what goes where and how just by visiting their respective description pages. Aside from that, the website looks pretty basic and delivers its content in a straightforward and simple manner. Major credit cards and PayPal are accepted methods for payment. You can create an account for better item and wishlist management. Contact information can be found on the website as well.

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Simplyecig Ltd
United Kingdom

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Phone: 01254 846 009