Mile High Glass Pipes is an online headshop offering a wide range of products across various categories. The shop appears to cater to all the needs of its customers from bongs and water pipes to various vapes and accessories. With categories that include rigs and bubblers, they also provide options to fit various price ranges, with items under $30, $50, and $100, thus making it possible for customers to find products within their budget.

Their selection of bongs and water pipes includes recycler rigs, bubblers, and hookahs among others. For customers interested in dab rigs, the shop also provides a variety of dab rigs under $50 and $100. In addition, there are various dab tools available, including electric dab rigs, electric dab nails, nectar collectors, straws, and carb caps.

Mile High Glass Pipes features a variety of weed pipes ranging from glass and Sherlock pipes to steamrollers, chillums, and one hitters. These options are further complemented by an assortment of novelty and wooden pipes, as well as inexpensive glass smoking pipes and pipe screens. Additionally, they offer a range of rolling papers and wraps including blunt wraps, hemp wraps, preroll cones, and filter tips. Customers also have the option of purchasing rolling trays, boxes and machines.

Hand pipe accessories are also well represented in the shop, with items such as herb grinders, silicone products, and extraction supplies up for grabs. In the silicone products category, customers have the chance to purchase bongs, dab rigs, and various other silicone dab accessories. The dabbing accessories range from dabbers and carb caps to torches, quartz bangers, and nails. For keeping oils and waxes, the shop provides suitable storage options.

Apart from the bong and dab rigs, the shop offers a selection of vaporizers which include dry herb ones, oil, wax, and dual-use vaporizers. For those leaning towards electric dab rigs and nails, these are also available, as are oil vaporizers, vape mods, pod vapes, and various vaporizer accessories. These accessories cover vape bubblers, vape coils and atomizers, vape batteries and chargers, vape pods and tanks, and replacement parts.

Mile High Glass Pipes also features specials including new items, best sellers, and clearance deals. For the wholesale buyers, there are wholesale pipes available. Other offerings include a sex shop and a blog that could provide valuable information to its readers. Lastly, the shop sells products from multiple brands including Smokerolla, Weedgets, Antidote, Atom Glass, Waxmaid, Lookah, and Honey Herb.

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