Established in 1986, Alltorc has established itself as an industry frontrunner in industrial bolting solutions. Recognized as the West Coast's premier industrial torque tool supplier, Alltorc not only caters to the Southern California market, but also reaches out to the broader regions of Nevada and Arizona.

Alltorc's product range is robust and comprehensive, boasting offerings that include but are not limited to RAD Torque Systems, RAD torque guns, electric and pneumatic torque wrenches, hydraulic wrenches, and bolt tensioners. The company holds a strong inventory that extends even further, incorporating such items as manual torque wrenches, torque multipliers, hydraulic nut splitters, and hydraulic pumps. Satisfying a full spectrum of professional needs, the company also provides flange spreaders, bolt testing equipment, and other indispensable accessories and tools.

Standing out among their offerings is their selection of RAD Torque Systems and wrenches. Available in pneumatic, battery, or electric options, these state-of-art tools provide compelling evidence of the company's commitment to incorporating advanced technology into its product line.

Alltorc's ability to adapt and innovate not only manifests in their products. Noteworthy is their personalized customer service that shines through dedicated team members, invested in ensuring the success of their clients. To couple with this, they also provide essential services such as repairs and calibrations.

Most notably, Alltorc serves an impressive variety of sectors, ranging from aerospace, mining, wind energy, railway, petrochemical refineries, manufacturing, to oil and gas. It's this breadth of experience that lets them deploy solutions that stand the test of industry-specific demands and challenges.

As a company, Alltorc functions convincingly as a one-stop-shop for industrial bolting solutions. With their expansive product range, dedication to customer service, and abilities to serve a wide spectrum of industries, they offer an impressive portfolio to those in need of industrial bolting tools and solutions.

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