Willow Button Badges, a business specialized in selling button badge products, is a family run business whose products originate from UK. In fact, they manufacture all the button badge products at their local company located in Southampton. 

It is one of the best businesses to make a deal with since there are no middle men involved. This has enabled their products to enjoy vast market because they are low-priced compared to other related products from its counterparts. Their products mainly comprise of seven unique sizes of button badges. They also have personalized key rings, bottle openers, fridge magnets, pocket mirrors and even charity collection boxes.

The business is founded under robust ethics and they even don’t take part in exploitation of the developing countries. In fact, they are against printing any material which has an element of racism or offensive to any culture or religion.

Other button badge businesses may require their customers to spend an extra coin in paying for the colours, but that is not the case with Willow Button Badges. They allow their customers to choose the colours they desire freely. Any combination of non-metallic colours is purely free.