Trash Cans Unlimited provides a huge collection of indoor and outdoor trashcans including residential and commercial garbage cans. It is a US-based company which supplies its products to both locally and overseas. They provide a vast collection of trash products including home plastic kitchen trash cans, waste receptacles, specialty trash cans, smokers, ashtrays and recycling containers. The business offers competitive supplies at fairly low prices. 

Trash Cans unlimited concentrates on high quality and stylish trash cans to suit individual and business needs. They provide different themes to achieve different kinds of décor, including touch-less cans, stainless steel, shiny metal decoration and traditional wood.

While a garbage collection can is a very important feature in every business, companies should be keen on the kind of trashcan they install in their premises.

Having a stylish container builds a positive image for the business. Trashcans unlimited offers highly decorative trashcan models including galvanized cans, fiberglass, aluminum, aggregate, plastic, concrete, touch less and sports-themed cans. They also provide customized products which are themed for specific business needs. They can remodel and customize the trashcan to reflect certain products to help the company in advertising its products.

All the products have their pictures linked with descriptive information, including the sizes and colors available. Customers can select their appropriate choices depending on their specific needs.

Business address

Trash Cans Unlimited
1114 Texas Palmyra Hwy Ste 153,
United States

Contact details

Phone: 800-279-3615
Fax: 800-279-1037